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Writing Retreat in Seattle.. One of My Fave Cities

Writing Retreat in Seattle.. One of My Fave Cities

I went on vacation alone. Who am I…

I’m sitting with a Maple Cinnamon latte at my favorite coffee shop, Caffe Ladro, in Seattle, watching the hustle and bustle of people outside. It has been sunny, clear, and simply gorgeous out since I arrived 2 days ago. It’s almost freezing, but beautiful all the same, and I can’t help to think how lucky I’ve been in general, but mainly on this trip. 

I came with the intention that Seattle would be a writing retreat, and it has been so much more. I got to meet up with a fellow creative who I’ve followed and admire in the writing world and had a fantastic time getting to hang out with her. I explored new places, new coffee shops, got lost- no literally… lost at 10pm- and took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. The island was adorable, and the whole “downtown” was the cutest thing ever, it’s like the puppy of Seattle that people need to go pet. Shops and eateries and incredible homes, and oh ps: it was super clean everywhere. They have beautiful gardens called the Bloedel Reserve that I wish I had a chance to see, but alas, I had a flight to catch.

The one things I had super high plans for was to hit certain restaurants I’ve been researching, but I didn’t get the chance. So instead, I read and wrote, I walked the city, drank copious amounts of coffee, ate my monster cookie, and bought a few to bring home because #yolo. And it happens to be Fat Tuesday so the way I understand it, calories don’t count today. I’m pretty sure that’s a totally correct statement…

I always stay at the Hyatt Olive 8 because it’s perfectly located, everyone is super nice, and it’s sexy as hell. I went back to Portage Bay for a breakfast, attacked Cinnamon Works in Pike Place Market, drank my Ladro coffee, and soaked in the sunny yet freezing weather. I also walked to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Capitol Hill and checked out the Theo Chocolate store in Fremont, which were two things I’ve always wanted to do so I’m glad I had a chance!

All in all, the fact that I was able to pull off a trip by myself is impressive in itself. To travel alone is one thing, but to explore and immerse yourself in a city was a big step for me. I am realizing just how grown up apparently I am. The shocking thing was that I actually loved traveling alone. I made my own decisions, wasn’t tied to plans that someone else had made or things someone else wanted to do, and I got to do everything on my own terms. Future travel companions take note: I like feeling like I can do things alone and actually doing them alone, so the needy travelers need not apply. 

I am coming back home so inspired. Not strictly from a writing material perspective per se, but inspired by this city as a whole, the creative vibe, the sights, the unexplainable joyful way it makes me feel. It rekindled my desire and inspiration to continue living an inspired life and finding the beauty in every single moment, even the darkest of them. Because life is full of really remarkable, poignant moments, and there’s something to be learned from all of it, good or bad. 

Cheers to the new tradition of my #writingretreat. Cheers to adulting. Cheers to Seattle… you really are an amazing city♦