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When chronic fatigue strikes..

When chronic fatigue strikes..

If you don’t know much about Lupus, the disease is a master of fatigue. Chronic illness are usually accompanied by chronic fatigue, and Lupus is no different. The past couple weeks I’ve had extreme fatigue, nausea, and difficulty sleeping. With the fatigue, I felt like I couldn’t get enough rest, and everything was a challenge, from workouts to walks at the beach to basic household chores. I’m no stranger to fatigue in my life, it always comes and goes, but it kicked me hard this time. I usually always try to push through to get something done because my mind says yessss, but this time my body was pretty adamantly saying nooo. The nausea was quite awful and all my foods I love- eggs, avocado, bacon, chia pudding- weren’t sounding good, so I was drinking a lot of broth and water to make sure I was at least hydrated. 

So I searched for information and for answers on why my body was acting like this. Lupus is a very complex disease. Even in remission, I’ll always have symptoms that like to pop up as a reminder to say, “hey girl… still here”. A lot of people suffer from chronic fatigue, and for people with autoimmune diseases, you never know when it will strike. But when it does, I’ve found over the years that the best thing is to literally take a step back. Whether it’s time off from exercise, work if that’s a possibility, or any kind of extras you add to your life, because fatigue is something that, if you don’t let your body heal, it won’t get sorted out.

What I found this time in researching wasn’t Lupus related at all. I found that when you’re newer to a ketogenic way of eating, you need to get back into working out slowly, and I was pushing full force because I had the energy and was excited about that. But I didn’t really consider that my body needed more time to transition to burning fat as fuel, and I may have had some symptoms of adrenal fatigue the past couple weeks. Being autoimmune only makes things worse. I think it’s safe to say, lesson learned, and it’s a couple days that I’m doing better with eating and doing workouts at a minor level. I’m not pushing myself hard at all, and if my body doesn’t want to do something, I allow it the rest that it’s asking for.

When fatigue is a part of your life, you need to learn how to manage it best. When we neglect what our bodies are trying to tell us, we usually have a setback. With Lupus or any autoimmune chronic disease, the body doesn’t react to things normally like healthy people, so the key is to actively remember that and take steps accordingly, no matter how exhausting situations can get.♥