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#WeekendWin.. ExpoWest!

#WeekendWin.. ExpoWest!

This past weekend I was stoked to have the privilege to attend the Natural Products Expo again. I’ve been going the past few years and it’s such a cool experience, and, not gonna lie, basically the highlight of my year. It’s my March Christmas! I get to connect with companies that have yummy products I’ve been using for years, and new companies that I’ve been excited to try out. I brought my bestie with me and had spent a lot of time making a game plan on how to tackle the expo, and what booths were absolutely crucial to visit. Both of us had so much fun being social and sassy and trekking all over the halls. All kinds of WINNING going on.

Not only did I score some serious loot, but I got to meet some of the people behind the scenes of these companies that feed me. All the product I got is too much to list off individually, so I’ll just say a big THANK YOU to everyone who indulged my excitement and passion for healthy snacks, baking with nut butters and gluten-free flours, and eating delicious foods that were made with purpose. I’ve included some photos of my top 15 products from the expo. Love, love them! I got to chat with the owners of Barney Butter again, who hooked me up with some serious product, and are such cool people!

Discovered some new nut butters that are so yummy, can’t wait to bake and share recipes with you all!! As soon as I’m back from this European adventure, it’s going to be a bake fest in my house… basically a nutbutterpalooza. That’s totally not a word, but I’m gonna make it happen… Do you carry nut butter snack packs in YOUR purse…. 😉 cuz I do. #NutButterIsLife.

To sum up this expo and all of the awesome companies there, thank you for your generosity. Your feeding me is very much appreciated.. :))