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#WeekendWin.. Celebrations

#WeekendWin.. Celebrations

It’s been a weekend of celebrations… which in my world, also means a weekend of putting on makeup and wearing non-fitness gear. Shocking, I know, since apparently all I do these days is write, workout, and try to muster up some fancy ass recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I wear minor amounts of makeup daily, but there’s something about wearing your eyeliner when channeling your inner “princess of darkness” that you just can’t do on the daily. Those are special occasion eyes… or just eyes that complete your face for photos. But even when I dress up and think I’m being fancy with makeup, I’m still pretty basic. I’m not sure if I grew out of the smokey eyeshadow phase, or if I just got over it, because taking off makeup is almost as big a chore as putting it on. I never wear super bold lip colors to the disappointment of my dear mama, and I just like to look like I have a fresh face, not tooooo crazily made up. Plus when I competed, the amount of makeup I’d wear was super intense and so now I’m a little more normal about it.

But back to the celebrations… Saturday morning, I went and sweated liters of toxins in a kickass spin class, sped home, showered and got ready in about 25 minutes before we went to a bridal shower for our sweet friend. My mimosa immediately made me tingly because I was dehydrated from class and hadn’t eaten much. Note* I do NOT recommend any kind of drinking after a hard workout without food in you. It was a dumb move, but we live and learn, and I ate right then, so I was good. But I know plenty of people who have the #brunchislife mentality, and go a little nutso for their mimosas/ adult beverages. Just make sure you don’t act a fool and get your foods in, kiddos! Learn from other people’s experiences. The bride-to-be was so happy and looked beautiful, it was a such a nice shower honoring her.

We also had my uncle’s 50th birthday party that night. We had a couple hours in between to rest, nap, have an outfit change, or in my case, a party where I tried on almost every dress I own, and in that moment of sliding hangers around, I really wished I had Alicia Silverstone’s closet on Clueless…I had 2 new dresses that I bought forever ago and have yet to wear, that were both top contenders, but when all was said and done, I wore one of my classic faves.

The party was fun, I saw people I haven’t seen in years. And when I say I haven’t seen them in years, I mean that I didn’t remember them all that much considering they last saw me when I was about 5. I got to see my little cousins and godson, and have mini photo shoots with them. I dipped out for a little bit to see my friend Lacie. We caught up in the Target $$ section, where I hunted for unicorn paper and she looked for jars. I also had the impulse to play with the bouncy balls that lit up, so, a scene was being made. But I’m glad I got to see her because it’s been a hot minute. Back to my uncle’s to say byyyyye, get my mama and great aunt, and go home to my girls who were watching cartoons.

I love celebrating milestones in life. I feel that you have to honor those moments and celebrate them, or they just pass like any normal day. So birthdays? Need to be celebrated. Not necessarily a raging party situation, but definitely a legit acknowledgement, and always cake. Because without cake, there is no celebration, right?