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Wasted Monday

Wasted Monday

So I’m basically officially almost 34, and guess what? The day after drinking at basically officially almost 34 is effing harsh. I had plans to hang with my blonde bestie yesterday in the afternoon, so I accomplished a lot in the earlier part of the day. I had a super challenging workout (nooooo I haven’t taken a rest day in like 9 days), and then stretched it out for a while, trying to revitalize whatever kind of life I had left in my muscles. Stopped on the way home for a protein power punch of a snack in the form of steak, baked bomb gluten-free chocolate chip cookies for my Godson and his brothers to celebrate school almost being done, got a few minutes of Vitamin D, vacuumed the house….and the seats of my car. The combination of all of these leaving me sweatier than when my heart was exploding out of my chest at the gym. Fun and satisfying to get ‘errr done.

Then I showered and got ready to meet Lacie. We discussed the possibilities for the afternoon and thought we’d start with Pressed Freeze because it’s the bestest vegan frozen treat. I’m not giving a play-by-play of the day but I will say, it didn’t start with Pressed Freeze, and you know what? It was an AWESOME, total Sunday Funday, and based on the week I had before with the random emotions, it was everything I needed. Vodka soda with lime juice, lots of laughter and sass with my best friend, meeting up with people we could harass a bit, finishing the night with frozen yogurt, (and for me, all the toppings). It was freakin’ rad.

So look, I don’t drink a lot. I went through a little period of drinking for funsies when I lived in Italy, but I also went years without drinking at all. Do you know what it means when you’re not a big drinker? It means you’re a lightweight and you should not try to keep up with your friends. When I got home, I got sucked into watching Shirley Temple, and had trouble falling asleep until about 3am. I woke up at 8:34, aware that I wasn’t making it to 9am spin class, and immediately was faced with the punch in the face that is too much alcohol for what my body is used to.

I try to live a clean life. I’m pretty open about my food intake and how I like to participate in the #treatyoself moments. But with Lupus, and especially since I took control of my health by stopping meds over 5 years ago, alcohol is something that’s not high up on my intake list. But every now and then, I’ll have a couple drinks with friends. Because everything in moderation, because I can, and because #balance. I was overtired all day like a toddler who didn’t get her nap, but somehow I pulled it off. It was a day I seriously could’ve used coffee, but I’m still in post-Lent for a few days. But you best believe my new motto is gonna be “think before you drink”. 😉