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Tummy Ache Cure

Tummy Ache Cure

When we came back from Italy in April, we brought only a few things back with us. We shipped a box of gifts for clients because I didn’t want to add weight to our luggages which were already too many and too heavy. Unfortunately, the items I chose to bring back had to be carried by hand, and were delicate and awkward. Dark chocolate filled with espresso, and these little Italian toasts all were put in a bag we bought on the streets of Sorrento, Jenga style. 

Let me tell you about these toasts called Fette Biscottate that I annoyingly brought all the way back. They have no flavor. It’s literally a not gluten-free toast cracker. Maybe the equivalent of a Saltine in America, but plain and unsalted. I know what you’re thinking already… “whyyyyyy would you want to eat that and whyyyyy would you struggle to bring them back? Because. They’re yummy, and I’m crazy.

In Italy, I would put a layer of Nutella and apricot jam on my fette biscottate, and dunk them in English tea. People in Italy eat them just like that for breakfast, but the difference is that they have 4 to 6. Whereas THIS CHICK finds it very easy to put down 12+ because they’re light. And the most important thing is that if your tummy hurts, or you’re sick, these are perfect because they’re so bland. But they’ve been sitting in my pantry since April. Untouched, unopened, unloved, uneaten. Until now. 

The other night I was super sick to my stomach, and in so much pain. Sometimes I get random stomach pain, and like all my weird pains, I attribute it to years of meds. So I curled up on the couch and then decided to brew some English tea. I opened my Italian Nutella that made it in shipment, spread a little layer on my biscottate, and dunked them in. 13 toasts later, I was pretty sure I felt a little better. It was kind of like my own version of the BRAT diet. 

From years of meds and chemo, I will always have a more sensitive tummy. I eat plain because I feel good when I do. I research restaurants to the point of mental exhaustion because eating out is always a risk, and I like eating the same things on a daily basis. I have to do what keeps me healthy. And the other night, it was proven to me that even in America, Italian Nutella is the cure for all things achy and sick. Obviously. 😉