Cuz it's all about balance..

#TreatYoSelf on the daily

#TreatYoSelf on the daily

Confession: I have a major sweet tooth. As stated before, I’m a dessert snob and I like sweets in the form of baked goods or good chocolate. Baking is very therapeutic for me, and as much as I love sharing all the goodies I bake, what I love most about baking is the way my house smells. I can’t bake every day (unless it’s December because I have an excuse), but I do like having something that satisfies my sweet tooth daily. 

For me, that treat is almond butter, specifically: Barney Butter. Never heard of Barney Butter? Ummm where’ve you been? A lot of people are peanut butter lovers for life because PB is so smooth and normally almond butter has that grainy texture. Until Barney Butter… it will convert every PB fan to the almond side. Visit the site, check them out, browse through some recipes. It’s a California company that blanches their California almonds, and make them into almond butter sooo smooth, you’ll automatically start calling it almond “buttttah”. So their Vanilla Espresso flavor is one I’ll never be without. When my spoon isn’t straight in the jar, I blend this in coffee or make fat bombs or fudge. You can’t go wrong with any flavor but this one has the best macronutrient profile with high fiber and lower carbs, and it tastes amazing. Pick some up next time you’re at Sprouts or Whole Foods and judge for yourself. They have a Cocoa Coconut flavor that will also rock your treat world.

As healthy as I like to eat, I believe you need to #treatyoself and indulge in something you crave. What I’m NOT saying is to eat cake every day, but if you can fit a little bit of something you love into your diet, maintaining your health and weight, then why not? It’s called balance, and it’s crucial in thriving, physically and mentally. For some, it could be having some dark chocolate and for others, it could be a glass of wine. If you forbid yourself foods, labeling them as “bad” or “unhealthy”, then you’ll enter a cycle of dysfunctional fear with food. You’ll binge on them when you have a weak moment, feel guilty, vow you’ll never do it again, and the cycle will repeat. Let’s not forget that our relationship with food is undoubtedly one of the most important ones we’ll have in our lives, and the importance of that relationship that I talked about here

Learn to become intuitive with your body and what it’s asking for, being mindful of everything you do. We all know what we need to do to achieve health through nutrition, exercise, etc. If you crave a little something, don’t forbid yourself from having it. Make it fit in your diet so you’re not thinking about it all the time. Eat the almond butter, eat the chocolate. It’s alll about balance.