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Torna a Surriento..

Torna a Surriento..

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? For me, it’s Italy, as if that’s a shocker.. and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel throughout the majority of the country. I love our little town and the surrounding area and I’d choose to live there because it has my heart. But Sorrento also stole a piece of my heart years ago. The first time we went was back in 2004, we stayed at this wonderful hotel, found some phenomenal places to eat, met some great people. The sights in Sorrento and anywhere along the Amalfi Coast are absolutely breathtaking and photos just can’t do it justice. Whenever we go back to Italy, Sorrento is on the list of to-do’s, as it’s become “the mini vacation within the vacation”. So I’m sharing a couple pointers with you for your next trip to the Amalfi Coast.

A disclaimer, when driving to the Amalfi Coast, you’re driving on cliffs… so take in the view and don’t be alarmed by the ultra tight streets. In Sorrento, stay at Hotel Antiche Mura. It’s right in the main piazza, Piazza Tasso. The staff is wonderfully attentive and polite, the location is spot on and walking distance to everything, and the breakfast is the bestest. Spend your day walking around the town and little shops, making sure you sample all the limoncello liquor and candies at the shops, and browsing everything lemon as lemons are kind of a big thing in Sorrento. You can spend a day on the beach or take a bus ride to Amalfi. It’s about an hour and half ride and you can get off in Positano if you’re obsessed with “Under the Tuscan Sun” movie and need to see where the beautiful man lived.

Be aware though, that when riding on that bus, approaching another bus, sometimes the streets are so small, you’ll literally be thisclose to touching the other bus. Don’t freak out, just appreciate and admire how these people can navigate in those situations. You’ll find that the people in southern Italy are extremely friendly and welcoming, the food is hearty and rustic, and it is different than northern Italy. Every region has its own style, and I love the people from Roma and Napoli. A couple food locations that are a MUST: Pizzeria da Franco, on the main street, lots of locals go there, pizza is out of this world and the atmosphere is quaint and has a local feel, prosciutto hanging from the ceiling, etc.. . I was on the hunt for a great pasticceria where the locals would go, and was directed to Pasticceria Monica. Find it. Go there and buy a tray of different pastries, and get some almond paste cookies.

The passion these people put into their cooking is something to be celebrated because everything is so full of different flavor profiles and textures that marry so nicely together. They actually care about what they’re doing, it isn’t just simply a job for them. A great restaurant for dinner is Da Filippo. Family run with a family feel… awesome meal! If you go, please retrieve my OCD list notebook that I left there… 😉 Sorrento is still pretty small where you can navigate easily, but your views, food, and interactions with the locals are such captivating experiences that they will leave you always wanting more…more pistachio crème liquor and pizza.