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Time for blood work

Time for blood work

Ya’ll. I have to get blood work and labs done, and for some reason, I. Am. Dreading It! Maybe it’s because I’ve had weird things going on for a few months. When I’ve had to explain them to my doctor or anyone, it’s always a production to try to get them to understand. I went to the doctor last month right before Seattle because the top of my right foot was inflamed, red, and hurt like hell. I told him I was pretty sure I needed him to shoot my foot up with cortisone. But he couldn’t because there’s not a joint to shoot in the top of your foot. He did end up giving me a shot of cortisone (in my booty!) because we agreed that would help the inflammation.

Unfortunately, part of life with an autoimmune illness is that you can never really explain all the wonderfully frustrating medical things that happen to you, because to be honest, you don’t ever really understand them yourself. I attribute every strange symptom to my Lupus, because there isn’t another explanation. Even when I maybe workout too hard and am sore, it’s usually from the workout, but sometimes it can be deeper than that…like an arthritis flare (thanks Lupus). I guess I’m just an enigma. 😉 All part of my charm, right?

Here’s the truth about my relationship with blood work and all kinds of labs: it makes me paranoid. It makes me worry and unnecessarily stress. I say unnecessarily because there’s really nothing I can do about it. I just pray to God that things have remained stable, even with all the fun issues I’ve had. I have been so blessed with my health and I continue to stay on the path that brought me here, so I really shouldn’t have any worries. When I have weird symptoms and pains, they remind me of a darker time with my health, the time when I didn’t know what was happening. But among those same reminders is how I got to where I’m finally at, and that brings me some comfort. 

Lupus is not a basicbitch disease. Autoimmune and chronic illnesses are so complex, so I practice awareness. Awareness of my pains and issues, analyzing them, maybe even googling them, just to have a better grasp on how to move forward, and judging when or when not to freak out. 

And even though I’m not looking forward to these blood tests for the mere reason of paranoia, I’ll be happy to know where I currently stand. I’ve been spending time praying and meditating at my favorite beach location pictured above in Carlsbad. Having faith that God has never left my side throughout this journey, and trusting that He will continue to take care of me as He always has.

Please keep me and these tests in your prayers!! I’m trying to stay strong throughout all of #RemissionYear5!♥

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