Cuz it's all about balance..

Time for a “detox”

Time for a “detox”

Guess what it’s time for? Another Katiuscia-style self-made detox of sorts. I’m not going to wait for July to be here to start this because I don’t have the “diet starts Monday” mentality.  A detox or “internal clean-up” can start whenever you feel you need it. I don’t feel like a full on clean up is needed, but some tidying is definitely going down.

So it’s a long story that I’ll save for another day, but I feel like things have been off for a while with me, especially since I got back from Europe. There’s part of me that believes it’s probably because I’m so much better off in Europe with how I feel, but the realistic part of me knows that something is just off. It happens sometimes. We go through different seasons in our lives (not the 4 seasons you’re thinking of, silly goose!) but seasons in the sense that we grow and progress throughout our lives. We go through different phases of what we like, some things stick, some don’t. Some people are only meant to be in our lives for a season…we make mistakes when we try to keep them there longer than they need to be. So, do you understand the different seasons now? 🙂 Yuuuup.

Back to how I’m off. I just feel like I need to lock it up a little tighter in my daily routines. My days are filled with writing, working out, my dog daughters, and food. But something isn’t jiving. I have goals to lean out, and no matter how hard I work at this, it hasn’t been happening. That’s why I say something is “off.” I prefer to eat pretty healthy and allow room for treats, because I feel better overall when I eat that way. I put Lupus in remission with a certain lifestyle, and I just believe that feeding my body the right things makes a huge difference in how I feel. But when I see friends of mine eating crap and dropping weight like crazy, it makes me overanalyze everything in my head, and we know that’s no fun.

Now, I’m of the firm belief that the body goes where the mind goes, and because of this, I know that something is preventing my body changing, and I’m not even sure what that is. And that, loves, is why I feel like it’s time for a little internal tidying up. Sometimes we have to make a conscious effort to be even more aware of the thoughts in our heads, the reactions we have to people or situations, and paying attention to how things make us feel. So that’s what’s happening for me. Another elimination of the toxic negativity that I probably don’t even know is hovering sometimes. Along with really making sure I’m on point with diet and exercise. I’m not going to be taking shots of apple cider vinegar everyday, and I’ll definitely still have dark chocolate daily #BecauseBalance.

One thing I won’t do because I know how it messes with my head, is check the scale for a while. I used to be very in tuned with my body and could call the number on the scale just based on how I looked in the mirror, but that hasn’t been the case for quite some time. I’ll check measurements and report inches lost, and when I see a difference, I’ll check the scale. I usually don’t use it for progress checking much because muscle weighs more than fat, you should go based on how your clothes fit, etc. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know all these factors anyways.

So please send some positive vibes and luck my way! Luck that I figure out whatever is hindering my progress and can knock it off. And luck that I attain the goal I’ve set for myself in the time I’ve set.