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The schnitzel that didn’t happen..

The schnitzel that didn’t happen..

Travelocity… you did me dirty. I planned an excursion last August for me and mama to go to Vienna during our European vacay. I went in 2009 and loved it, and mama had never been. Vienna is a beautiful city, and I even planned a day trip to Salzburg… train tickets, Sound of Music gazebo dancing, dinner reservations and all that jazz. We had an early flight from Rome to Vienna so we planned on leaving our home in Italy around 4:30 am to get to the airport, leave the car, check-in, etc. We were going to dinner with friends the night before so I wanted to make sure everything was all set to go before we went out for the night. I went online to check-in, and noticed that my original 8:40 am flight had been moved to past 4pm. Ummm, ‘scuuuuse me?? No no.. this has to be a mistake.

So what do I do, get on my phone and call Travelocity because I booked the trip through them. Flights, hotel… it was all Travelocity business at this point. So I went a little nuts on the phone. How come you didn’t contact me? I was going to show up at the airport 12 hours before the new flight I knew nothing about… thank God I checked online, and most importantly, no this isn’t acceptable. The trip wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t worth getting in to Vienna at 6pm to basically only have Saturday there. Travelocity wouldn’t cancel the flight at first without contacting the airline to see if they had earlier flights… obviously not since they cancelled MY morning flight. So over an hour on the phone while she contacts the airline, she finally tells me the airline will refund my money. Yeah… since I didn’t cancel the flight and mess up the trip, that’s expected.

And then the lady has the audacity to ask me about the hotel and if I still want it. Hmm.. genius question. With no flight into the city, is it really necessary to have a hotel? Nope. She contacts the hotel and it’s nonrefundable. But since I had bought travel insurance, she says they’ll apply that and refund my money. Which makes me super irritated because none of this was my fault. You buy travel insurance in case YOU have to cancel for emergency or some other reason, not because the airline changed your flight, you were never notified, and now you’re even expected to have to apply that insurance for your hotel that isn’t needed. Is there no protection with Travelocity? I don’t think it’s cool that I have to be penalized when it wasn’t my fault. I decided to deal with the issue when I got back to America instead of dealing with it on my vacation. 

The takeaway from this experience is this: Travelocity, unless you’re going to protect my trip and my money, especially when I booked this 7 months prior, you won’t be getting my business anymore. And protecting my trip doesn’t mean applying my travel insurance when I didn’t mess up my trip. Big time fail. The picture above could’ve been me, but my trip was ripped out from under us… leaving me without a gazebo dance and without Sacher torte.