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The Exploring Food Nerd

The Exploring Food Nerd

Fun fact: I’m kind of a nerd. A Harry Potter and Disney movie nerd, a writing nerd, and a research nerd, especially when it comes to travel and food, which is prob the best nerd to be. When I travel places, I do massive research beforehand so I know what to see, where to go get the best photos, restaurants to eat at, etc.. With food, I like to research restaurant menus to decide not only what places I want to check out, but to get creative inspiration as well. I love cooking at home because I cook with love, it’s therapeutic for me, and because we know how finicky my stomach is from years of meds and chemo’s. Thanks Lupus 😉 

But San Diego is FULL of amazing food and different kinds of restaurants, that really, the sky is the limit on what you want and where you can get it. So I decided that I’m making a weekly ritual of exploring this beautiful city, checking out new places, and sharing feedback and tips on them. You’re welcome. 😉  Plus it’s an excuse to put mascara on (because that’s a rarity), get fancy and have a team of chefs prepare food for me. 

With all that being said… I have to tell you about BO-beau Kitchen + Garden in La Mesa. It’s part of the Cohn Restaurant Group, and if you’re from San Diego, you know that the CRG restaurants are pretty awesome. I usually never go to La Mesa because it’s far and not close enough to downtown to “swing by” if I ever make it there. But I found BO-Beau when I was extensively researching restaurants for Thanksgiving last year, and I’m so glad I chose it, because now La Mesa is like… a real thing for me. We met the owner Michelle that day, and fell in love with everything about it. It totally resembles a bistro in Paris with it’s setup and ambiance, on an adorable street in La Mesa, full of shops and eateries. The garden outside is almost vineyard-like, and the whole vibe of the place is very laid back.

The food: consistently delicious. They’re famous for their brussels sprouts, which are roasted and crisped to perfection, drizzled with a balsamic reduction and served with shaved parmesan and hearty chunks of pancetta… goooood eats! We’ve gotten different things when we’ve come, but I love the steak-frites, because they nail it every time! If I go with mama, she gets chicken of some fancy sorts, but we’re always stoked with our foods!

Desserts are yummy, liquor is strong, food is exploding with flavor, and BEST of all… they’re dog friendly! You can bring your pup and sit on that rad patio, and they have love and treats for your dog. Total win! It’s definitely become one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego. If you go, tell the owner Michelle that Katiuscia says HI, sit back, relax, and always get the brussels♥