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The blessing in sharing my journey

The blessing in sharing my journey

I’m going to share something with you if it’s not obvious already… I try to be very transparent with everything I share. I use this blog and social media and my articles to share my feelings, to share how I’ve overcome certain situations, to share things I love or am currently obsessed with (always Barney Butter vanilla espresso!!), to share knowledge I’ve gained through years of research and trial and error, and to share hope. 

But there is something that makes me feel incredibly complete when I get to sit down and chat with someone about my health journey thus far. It’s been a rocky 21 years, but it’s also been 21 years full of joy and triumphs. 

I am aware that people are struggling in silence over illness, whether it be physical or mental. And I just want to say to those people: I understand what you’re going through. I completely get it, and I am here for you. When I get the opportunity to share my story face to face with someone, or when someone writes me and tells me that my blog or my articles have made a difference and helped them out, I am extremely humbled and grateful to God for that opportunity. 

I have seen darkness with my Lupus, and I have seen light, and thank God, we are 5 years of remission going strong. I attribute all of this to my faith and determination to persevere. I had the privilege of sitting down and chatting with someone on her own health journey, and I left feeling humbled and grateful to have been able to have had that conversation. She was such a lovely and open soul, and it’s these sharing moments that fulfill me the most.

Whether it’s autoimmune, a mental struggle, or any other physical disease or illness, please have faith that there is a light in the darkness, and to always hold on to hope. Control what you can control, do what you can, and always be an advocate for yourself. And know that I am always here. I have invested so much time researching, trying new methods, experimenting with food and fitness regimens, and I love discussing all of it because it’s so interesting to me… and because I’m kind of a nerd.

Learning about your body is one of the most important things you’ll ever learn, and it’s a never-ending lesson because our bodies are ever-changing. If you have an illness you’re living with, your body will change and shift even more so.

This is your life. Own it. Be open to help from others, be empowered to persevere, and always be humble♥

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