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That’s Nuts!

That’s Nuts!

All about the fats! You know you need healthy fats in a well balanced diet. If you’re trying to lose fat, you still need those healthy fats! Unlike what the food industry likes to tell us. They try to get us to buy into all the low-fat alternatives, but guess what? A lot of “low-fat” products (alert on salad dressings!) are loaded with sugar, crap and all things artificial! No thank you. So we all know that quality oils are beneficial for your health. My faves are coconut and olive, but there’s so many other ones. Avocados are amazing for you, because they’re loaded with nutrients as well as healthy fats. I eat quite healthy… it’s part of what keeps my Lupus at bay, and I follow a basic macronutrient guideline so I try to get a certain amount of fats in daily. And my FAVE way to get that fat is from nuts or nut butters.

I always have almonds or macadamia nuts in my car so I can have an immediate snack when I leave the gym, or when I haven’t eaten in a while. I have almond butter snack packs in my purse and gym bag. So what I’m saying is…I’m basically a squirrel. 😉 Aside from that, I love baking with nut butters. Have you made my Flourless Sweet Potato Brownies yet? Ummm you need to!

The picture includes some of my nut butter brands and flavors. I don’t discriminate with nut butters. I used to be a peanut butter fanatic, but then I got into almond butter… cashew, walnut, etc. Plus I realized that if I’m going to take in all that fat, there have to be other benefits instead of just the fat. And let’s be honest, peanuts don’t pack as heavy of a punch as the others, lacking all the omegas, vitamins, minerals. I still eat PB, but the other ones have taken precedence.

So today, as I sit here, spoon deep in Legendary Foods Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Cashew butter, I really just wanted to share some really beneficial items that you can include in your modified “pb&j” schtick. And just a lil disclaimer, in lieu of looking like a complete addict, I’ve only included a few in this photo.. what I didn’t include was all the single serve packs, and multiples of each. 😉 Everything in moderation, right? You can get Barney Butter at Sprouts, and the others online. If you try any, let me know, and if you have other favorites, tell me so I can try! I’m always looking for additions to my pantry♦

Barney Butter
Legendary Foods
Crazy Go Nuts
Cracked Nut Butter 

Trader Joe’s