Cuz it's all about balance..

SundayFunday = LazySunday right…

SundayFunday = LazySunday right…

Sundays for me have become recuperating from the previous week, and finally allowing myself to fully unwind and reflect on the week. I usually don’t go to the gym on Sundays, unless I was unable to go during the week. So the day is usually me walking at the beach early, doing a lil yoga on the cliffs overlooking the beach, hanging out with mama and my girls, stretching, and of course watching Game of Thrones while it’s still on to torment my thoughts. What are your favorite things about Sunday?

My best friend Joe was in town this week. He’s a doctor doing his residency in Florida, and I haven’t seen him for a year. We got breakfast burritos at the best place in Mission Beach, and caught up over old-school People crossword puzzles. My mama got to see him too another day, and it was just a good time. I talk to him all the time, but I wish he lived closer so I could see him all the time. 

The best thing this week is, thank God, I feel good eating ketogenic, so now I’m on 17 days of being pain free from food. This is HUGE for me! I’ve been going through months of pain and frustration from food, and that’s no way to live. Yes, my body is still adjusting to this way of eating, with the random little side effects, but to be honest, I welcome them at this point. It means there is change happening in my body, and the change is positive because it’s making me feel good for the most part. When something makes you feel good, you stick with it right? YUP. My main concern is always my kidneys and Lupus when I switch something up with my health. The way I see it though, I’m pretty fortunate that I’ve come to learn when something isn’t right with my body, and if nothing feels off, then things have to be okay. I know… I’m super logical. 🙂 

Funny thing those carbs… some can’t live without them, and some just can’t live with too many of them. I did fine in Europe with carbs, but ingredients are just so much more pure there. I’ll still do gluten-free baking, because almond flour is my fave!! Also, I seem to do just fine with that cake from Extraordinary Desserts and it’s never hurt my stomach. In fact, I think it may cure everything…. hmmm, interesting concept, huh.. 😉 My carbs lately are coming from zucchini, green beans, spinach, avocado, nut butters or nuts, and chia seeds which are a great source of fiber. Plus on the fats side of it, I’m having fun experimenting with different flavor combos and healthy fats, and my food is extra delicious and faaaancy. Just ask my audience of 4-legged children..