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Springtime Is Here!

Springtime Is Here!

Happy April! Easter is over! We’re officially down with the first quarter of the year! That’s pretty crazy to think about… because it means that Christmas is almost here, right? 😉 

I realized on Easter morning that I never colored Easter eggs! What. Is. Wrong. With. Me?! Confession: I’m a borderline hoarder of all things egg dye kits. I color eggs throughout the entire year, not just at Easter, but still… I feel like I lacked some traditional Americanized Easter pagan spirit. 

Easter is the foundation of our Catholic faith. It’s about rebirth, new life, cleansing. My mom and I went to sunrise Easter mass, then spent the day with family, and it really was a beautiful day, full of God’s love. Then I got to relax all night with my little girls, who were home alone all day and loved all the extra attention, and most importantly, I got to sit outside in the quiet with them, which is something I love doing. 

So back to how it’s April, and as of today we’re a mere 13 days away from leaving on our trip. Someone asked me yesterday if I’m ready for it to which I replied…yeah, no. There’s so much to do before this trip I feel like. I’m in a very focused zone with my writing lately which is awesome, but I also need to schedule my time these days better. I’m trying to fit too much in and the truth is, there just aren’t enough days to do it all. 

In situations like this, we go back to our OCD old school lists… pen to paper, check off as we go. Create new list for the next day based on what didn’t get checked off the previous day and so on. A little crazy obsessive? Totally. Do I care? Nope. I currently have 4 different lists I’m working. I call it productive and prepared. 

I am looking forward to this trip, even though we still aren’t 100% sure about the weather situation. I’ll worry about that next week when I actually start to pack. Know what I’m not looking forward to, if I’m being totally honest? Leaving my adorable girl dogs. Even when I go away for a couple nights, it’s hard because I know how much they depend on me and love being around us, and I also know how much I depend on them, and love having them around. Following me around, dropping the ball at my feet, and all my snuggles. I love my girls. Now I have less than 2 weeks to make sure they know I love them and am not abandoning them 😉 

I guess through all of this what I’m trying to say is: it’s a new quarter! 2018 is 1/4 over, and I can’t even deal with how time is just flying by. So make sure you set your goals, reevaluate where you are, make a plan of action on how you will achieve these new things, and just enjoy this month. Springtime is here. It’s not too deathly hot in CA yet and things are beautiful. Appreciate each moment you can experience all of God’s beauty.

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