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Someone is excited about her foods!

Someone is excited about her foods!

So I’ve been doing something way out of my norm the past 9 days, aside from the fact I’ve been a lagging blogger. I was under a lot of stress after my allergy appointment last week because the doctor thought something was a little weird when he was pressing on my abdomen, and I had to get an ultrasound to rule out an aneurism. Thank God, the ultrasound came back fine and apparently I have a beautiful aorta 🙂 Honestly, I was pretty worried in the days leading up to that appointment, and I wasn’t getting much sleep, or able to eat without pain, so good news on that was just what I needed. 

Back to what I’m doing that’s out of my normal norm, and super exciting at the same time. I made pretty big changes with food intake, switching to a ketogenic diet. For those of you who don’t know what keto is, it’s where your calories come from about 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs. The premise of this diet is to train your body to use fat for energy instead of glucose. What exactly is keto? It’s incredibly interesting and if you want a good read, check out this article on  What is a Keto Diet. The first couple days, this was a bit of a challenge because I’m not used to consuming that much fat in a day, and also that I usually cook things in nonstick spray and pepper, which has been pointed out to me by friend that that was “sad”. This is a diet full of flavor and salt and healthy fats. 

I’ve been doing a lot of research on keto lately because I’ve been feeling so confused with my diet, and every time I do that research, signs have been pointing to keto. What worked for me at one time in my life is no longer working, so it’s been leaving me emotionally frustrated. And each time I tried eliminating something or switching it up, it left me feeling worse than before, and again, lost emotionally. My Lupus will trigger random symptoms for the rest of my life because it’s autoimmune, and basically anything that happens to me will always be unexplainable. So it’s always up to me to do research, trial and error.

I found a lot of information on YouTube as well as websites. The primary YouTube channels were Healthful Pursuit and Dr. Eric Berg. I suggest taking a look at some of the videos because the information is valuable and interesting, even if you’re not interested in a keto diet per say. I’m all about learning about how food affects not just our bodies on the outside, but our organs and brain function as well. Never stop learning, beautiful people. We are constantly evolving and especially need to be aware of changes in our bodies. 

I’m most thrilled that today is the 11th day I’ve been eating this way, and also the 11th day that I’ve had no pain from eating. No joint pain, no bloating, no nausea, no inflammation. I have had some transitional symptoms which I’ll have for a couple weeks I’m sure while my body becomes fat adapted, and they’re not super fun… nausea and fatigue sometimes which kinda sucks. But I am so excited and even though I’m not jumping off the walls yet, I’m honestly happy and feel hopeful that this may be the change my body has been needing and wanting. I love whole eggs, avocado, coconut oil, grass fed beef, Kerrygold butter, and nut butters of course! It’s different and fun to be able to cook with so many flavors and salt. I’ll keep updates coming, probably more on my Instagram page to show meals, and fun fat finds! Thank God I found something that is working so far for me. My body never ceases to amaze me. What it’s capable of, how it wants to perform, and how it decides that it wants something new. The key is to always always listen and don’t be afraid of change.◊