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Seattle Lovin’

Seattle Lovin’

Let’s talk about Seattle. Have you been? Go. It’s coffee shop capital and no stranger to some delicious eats. Aside from all that, the sights are pretty awesome and the vibe is laid back and simply put… rad. We went for a few days when we got back from Europe for another mother daughter mini vacay, and I have to say, Seattle always leaves me wanting more. More time to immerse myself in that laid back vibe I dig so much. But I’m not going to talk about sights, or what to do, or where to find the best coffee shop, because I never found it myself. I’m only going to touch on a couple things… and they’re food related.

Step 1: Get to Seattle and go downtown.

Step 2: Go to Pike Place Market, do the touristy thing, watch the fish throwing, shop the market, and go to Cinnamon Works. Get yourself the BEST gluten-free pumpkin cookie you’ll ever have. With or without frosting, you can’t go wrong. I say, be bold and get both, because yolo.

There are half steps in between all of these steps and they include going to random coffee shops and getting coffee, because when in Seattle…

Step 3: Hit up Portage Bay for brunch/lunch. What a cool spot! We went to the location in Amazon-ville in South Lake Union and the service was awesome and the food deeeelish! I had da goat cheese omelette as a scramble, sans mushrooms because ewwww, and add avocado because YUM. Get the gluten-free bread. You’re welcome on this one.

Step 4: Dinner. You have 2 options and you should do them both on different nights. The first is Red Cow, and you want the burger with haricot verts instead of frites. And the bartender makes a nice stiff drink. The next selection- and this is where things get seriously in depth- is Andaluca inside the Mayflower Hotel. As someone who loves to travel, and loves food even more, this restaurant is an absolute must on a Seattle visit. I spend the majority of normal life eating extremely plain, simple, and usually the same things. However, I have such an appreciation for quality ingredients being put together to create stellar dishes. I do way too much research, from reviews to analyzing photos and ingredient combinations before I finally make decisions on places to dine. I came across Andaluca in my search for a random place.

 What an incredible vibe inside this restaurant. Small, quaint, a little dark, but lots of privacy. It actually reminded us of a Russian mob run place, but I’m also pretty sure we think we live in the movies sometimes, so… yeah. Our server, James, spoke with such romanticism when he was explaining different dishes and his recommendations. Obviously when you have someone that charismatic talking about food, you want it all. The service was impeccable. The food was delectable. The price was acceptable. The atmosphere was… just sexy. And I can honestly say that Andaluca was one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve ever had.

I’m not a professional food critic… I’m a self-made food critic, and in my personal-professional opinion, if my stars counted, I’d give this place 5 of them. #AllTheStars. #NomNomNom

Seattle, I love your city, your coffee, your peeps, your sights, and your foods. xoxo