Cuz it's all about balance..

Rest, Rest, Baby..

Rest, Rest, Baby..

So let’s give me some serious props today because I FINALLY took a rest day! Yesterday I listened to my body (you know… the one that was over-exhausted), and decided to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing all day. 

Are you an overachiever like me? When I direct my focus onto something I’m doing that I love, I keep doing it, even if I need to simmer down on it. This has been happening with working out. I can already feel you all rolling your eyes at me thinking, ugh no one likes to work out that much. And maybe that’s true of a lot of people. And maybe it’s even true if someone was forcing me to do burpees and things I really don’t like. But for me, lifting, spin, barre, pilates, and yoga are things I genuinely enjoy. I enjoy lifting most of all because when I began this whole lifestyle change over 6 years ago, lifting was really what made me feel stronger than Lupus. Everything else I did was because I had built the strength to be able to do it. Spin makes me feel strong and like I can rage or sweat away anything that’s bothering me. Barre is amazing for my mind and flexibility, and I’m finding the same thing with yoga and pilates. 

But guess what? There IS such a thing as overtraining, overdoing it, and working out in excess. I think that was me a little bit the past couple weeks. You reach a point where you’re not making progress in the way that you want to make it. You feel stronger, but you’re also tired, your diet is on point, and surprise…you’re not dropping body fat. So my rest day wasn’t really something I wanted so much as it was majorly needed.

Guess what I did!? I showered and made myself presentable but I didn’t leave the house. Not to go have tea at a coffee shop, not to walk the girls at the beach, I literally stayed home. All day. I wrote…and wrote and wrote. I emailed magazine editors. I started to read our friends’ new book that was just released. I dealt with the garbage disposal that leaked all over the place. But the most important thing I did all day, was snuggle with my two dogdaughters and watch Lord of the Rings (fellowship!), because I needed happy hobbits in my life. 

Side note: do you know that if you cry and have a crappy day, if you feel sick, or if you’re just genuinely over dealing with anything, a dog will help brighten all of it. After the thousands of dollars I’ve spent over the years in therapy, dogs are still the best form of it. 

I had crazy amounts of energy to have a great workout today, and I’m convinced it was because I took yesterday to be lazy and recover, plus I took something to sleep so I slept 10-11 hours. Listen to your body… the only way you progress and get better and move forward is if you take some time to let yourself recuperate. This is standard knowledge and yet somehow, I choose to keep forgetting that I already know this and act all surprised when it actually works. 🙂