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#PrayForLasVegas and #PrayForHumanity

#PrayForLasVegas and #PrayForHumanity

The great thing about running a lifestyle blog is that even though my life balance focuses around how I overcome and deal with my Lupus, the lifestyle part of it allows me to discuss current happenings in our world and society. 

So, in light of the tragedy of the mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas last evening, I’d like to say a few things. First of all, how sad that it takes these tragic events for people to really appreciate life, or for them to circle back to prayer. Life should always be appreciated, and prayer should always be part of our lives, tragedy or not. 

In moments of tragedy, prayers and self reflection need to be at an all time high. Prayers for society, reflection on our choices and the way we view situations. You cannot control anything or anyone but yourself and your actions. What I’ve found all day in the midst of these people’s tragedy, is that so many news anchors and people are making this heinous act an excuse to bring politics up, and blame those people’s deaths on the fact they supported our President. Or they’re trying to blame the guns. Do you know that anything in the hands of someone whose goal is to inflict harm on others is a weapon? A knife, a vehicle, a bomb, a box cutter, a rope, and even a gun. Owning a gun is a constitutional right, a right that I take a pro stance on. A gun doesn’t decide to take lives. A human with malicious intent decides to take a life and like last night, chose guns as his weapons.

What compels someone to act out in such hatred and have such disregard for human life? What is happening to our world when in the past few years, we’ve had attack after attack? It’s an extremely sad and scary reality. A reality that is another affirmation for me in my decision to not have kids. There is always chaos, but this chaos is resulting in too many deaths, so much hate, and for what? Twisted beliefs.

I don’t discuss politics much on social media because there’s no reason to. There’s no reason to push my political thoughts on other people, nor do I want to know theirs. More importantly, there is never a reason to argue and fight over politics. We have freedom of speech and the privilege to vote in democracy. But I will say this: as a country, and as humans, we need to come together, instead of finding ways to tear the country apart. Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, you are Americans, and above that, human. Humanity needs saving. There is evil and sickness in the world. I pray that God blesses these victims and first responders and all those affected, and that eventually there is some peace granted in an otherwise unexplainable and horrific situation. 

We need to be united and come together as humans. We need to love one another. We need to pray for peace.