Cuz it's all about balance..



Happy 4th America! We celebrated the holiday a day early for birthday fun. Yesterday was my Nonno’s 85th birthday… it was also dogdaughter Daisy’s 11th birthday, which makes her almost the same age as him. 😉 

Daisy is my pup that I adopted when I lived in Italy and brought her home with me in 2007. She doesn’t like posing for photos, could care less about playing ball, but still at 11, thinks she’s still a puppy. She wants to keep up with Lola’s playfulness, always jumping and running but definitely gets irritated with Lola’s real puppy behavior still. Dogs are awesome, they have the coolest little personalities, and my girls have the best of those personalities. They’re total love bugs ♥

For Nonno, we had a pool party/bbq with the whole family at my uncle’s home. It was perfect weather, and such an awesome day! A smidge of relaxing pool time, but mainly getting splashed by the kiddos, relays, and too much fun with the Boomerang app while people did fancy jumps and flips. I got some Vitamin D, which I usually only get in small doses because I really shouldn’t be in the sun because of Lupus, but it makes me feel replenished. I lather on sunscreen, cover my face with a hat, and soak in a bit of sun… everything in moderation. 

I brought my gluten-free protein donuts and gluten-free cookies and ate way too much chicken and strawberries. Got my booty handed to me in foosball and ping-pong, and got verbally taunted as well by the boys. But even with the bruise to my ego for losing at a traditional Italian game like foosball (I’ll recover from that beating and kick ass next time!) it was a day full of laughter and great memories.

I’m the oldest of 9 grandchildren and my mom is the oldest of 5 children. I was blessed to know my Nonna, but she passed away 26 years ago and Nonno has been on his own ever since. He is an amazing man, full of wisdom and love. It’s a blessing that we have him in our lives and that all of the kids have had the privilege of knowing him. I know he really enjoyed the day and loved having his kids and grandkids surrounding him, having so much fun, and that made the day so much more special ♥