Cuz it's all about balance..



I recently started taking yoga. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, and finally, I decided that with this new gym switch, I would finally have the opportunity to try yoga on a more consistent level. I’ve taken a handful of classes in my life, and I remember them being very calming, but at the time, I just wasn’t ready to let my mind shut off, keep my eyes closed, and focus on my breathing. Now, I’m at a different stage in my life. I feel like my mind is always racing, and I neglect stretching much, that I know it’s time for yoga to be integrated into my regimen and routine.

Yoga is no joke. I’ve taken a few classes now over the past few weeks. I’ve taken mediative restorative yoga and also traditional Vinyasa flow classes, and accidentally went into a Power yoga class and felt guilty to leave…so I got my booty kicked. I’ve always been pretty proud of my flexibility, from barre and just from the fact that i have this drive and need to be as flexible as possible, and let me just say….yoga put my flexibility to shame. Wow on every level, I walked out of that power yoga class like, hmm… Katiuscia ain’t got nothin on these yoga people.

So I’ve learned in a few short weeks with only a few days of practice each week, that yoga is all about the breath. Tree, for example, root yourself down and focus on your breath… if your breath falls apart, your pose will follow. In my most recent experience, I was looking in the mirror at a still bottle behind me on the floor to focus, and I lost sight of my breath, and felt myself tipping slowly over to the right. The thought that immediately came to mind as I was trying not to let myself thud on the floor was, I understand now, teacher… noted on the breath.

I enjoy the restorative classes because I feel like it forces me to focus on my breathing, and I allow myself to be in the current moment. Also, it gives me that little bit of meditation that I’m lacking in my life, all while stretching, shutting my mind off, letting the thoughts float away, and enjoy being in the now.

I have this vision of myself doing Natarajasana, or Lord of the Dance pose. And just getting to a good level of balance between my training and stretching and breathing. Mainly, really hone in on that mind-body-spirit connection. #YogaGoals