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Mommy & Me Vacation Commences!

Mommy & Me Vacation Commences!

Yay!! We made it! I swear the past couple weeks have flown by and have just been packed with so much to get accomplished, but we finally left on our trip this morning! I’m sitting in the lounge in Toronto, Canada right now, looking outside at all of the beautiful snow! The first leg of our trip on Air Canada was smooth and easy. Now we’re on a hefty layover until we fly to Rome. 

I’ve been awake since 5am yesterday. You read that correctly. Yesterday. At this moment, I’ve been awake for over 34 hours straight. I couldn’t sleep last night, ended up driving to LAX at 2:30 am because mama was so tired, couldn’t sleep on the plane, and I certainly can’t sleep now! I obviously have to get things done! 😉 Like writing, and doing yoga in the lounge and all kinds of fun shenanigans, because if there aren’t fun shenanigans involved, is anything really worth it… 

This trip came so fast this year. I swear, it seems like our last trip was just yesterday because we both remember it so vividly, but it was over a year ago. This time, we planned the vacation for a month later, hoping that we would have some stable warm but not hot, spring weather. And alas, it’s very conflicting weather these days in Italy, so we had to pack a little of everything. Accommodate the rain, the humidity, and the heat. Sigh. I wish the weather wasn’t always so temperamental. 

So mommy and me vacation of 2018, of course includes the usual excursion of Sorrento… our mini vacation within the vacation, and this time, we’re actually gonna make it to Vienna! No airline or travel company is allowed to cancel on me for that! I’m super stoked about that because it’s a trip that needs to be taken!

Yesterday morning I met with a friend for a couple hours, then had to bring my girls to the lady they’re staying with while we’re gone, then had to say goodbye to family, and pack. Bringing the girls was pretty tough and emotional for me. Daisy was crying the whole way in the car because she’s sensed that something has been going on while we’ve been beginning to prep the past week or so. Lola is fine as long as she has a ball to play with, but dang you guys. It’s really hard leaving the fur babies. It’s so good for them, and we’re going to have an amazing time on our trip, but it doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s still sad to leave them. I don’t want them to feel abandoned by us.

Travel for me, is everything. I love traveling. Packing is the only thing that’s annoying when you don’t know weather, but regardless, I’m still a pretty savvy packer. And traveler. And most importantly, I’m not an asshole traveler like so many people I come across. I genuinely enjoy every aspect of travel. I appreciate the people in the service industry taking care of all of us travelers, and I make sure they know that too. It’s not easy serving others, especially grumpy people who act entitled whilst traveling. Take note…be good to the people who help you. Kindness always wins.

If I can ever give any advice, it’s to open your mind to new places, new faces, new cultures, and new experiences. The world is a grand place, and I still have so much of it to see! But for now, I’m loving this new tradition of mommy and me vacation because my mama is my everything, and see her come alive and just be so free, makes me feel so happy! So cheers to year 2 of an amazing new tradition with this trip! ♥

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