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Mind/Body Detox Time!

Mind/Body Detox Time!

You know what time it is in this beautiful month of May? Mind/body detox time. Are you feeling yucky in any aspect of your life? Are certain situations or relationships keeping you from going after what you really want, or more importantly, what you REALLY deserve? Those relationships can be with people or vices btw. I have some things that I can definitely do without. For me, it’s mainly the mind aspect, although I’m going to make some dietary changes as well. So I decided, seeing as how 2017 is almost half over, it’s time to purge the negativity, the crap, the stupidity, the people who don’t enrich or contribute positively in my life. Get rid of it… ALL OF IT.

I try my best to live with no regrets because I feel like every step or turn you make in your life is a live and learn moment. SO, a la Scotty P from “We’re the Millers”, #noragrets, but rather, opportunities to take a different path, make a different decision, and listen to your gut. I recently had an experience where I went against my gut instinct on a situation, and let me tell you, mistake! #NoRagrets, but daaaamn that was a good reminder on WHY I like to listen to my gut instinct. I like to think that gut instinct is God whispering in my ear, “nahhh, don’t… trust me”. And my response in this particular situation was, “but what if..” So, I’m moving on to more positive things, and reminding myself to be thankful for my intuition, but sometimes we need a kick in our booty to listen to that intuition.

Mind aside and turning the focus to foods, I’m also on a mission to incorporate fun, new, colorful foods into my diet. Expand my veggie horizon and what exactly to do with those veggies. By now, you’ve read that I’m eliminating coffee for “late Lent”, but I’m also eliminating anything that isn’t really necessary. For all you #Whole30 people, I’m not doing a Whole30 because I need my gum, but I’m taking aspects of Whole30 and using that as well. On the fitness side of physical health, I’m getting reacquainted with my lifting style and consistency and strength that I had pre-Europe.

Lifting was pretty much non-existent in Europe and a couple weeks after because I was sick, and when I finally got back into the gym to lift, the struggle was real. I felt weak and like I lost some strength. The good thing is that strength comes back, because #musclememory. I felt like I lost some flexibility from lack of Barre, but flexibility comes back with stretching and practice. More importantly, my will hasn’t diminished, so I feel like I’m set to kick ass again and get back in fighting shape, one step closer to serious pull ups, the splits, and fancy yoga moves.

Take this moment to reflect and see what it is you need to purge. Eating out, alcohol, negative relationships or toxic people. Eliminate it and press the reset button. Challenge yourself to a daily change. Eat random veggies, try a new recipe, do a different fitness class, smile at a stranger, just do things that make you happy. Find your happy, and life will be good. xo