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Migraine Madness

Migraine Madness

Migraines are something I’ve suffered with for years. When my Lupus was super active and I was so sick back in 2009-12, my migraines were out of control. I had been on numerous different drugs to try to get things in order, but the side effects were worse than the benefits. I had 6 months of consistent migraines and in 2012 a 17 day migraine. That migraine was the catalyst for me stopping all of the drugs I was on. Over the years, I’ve been on numerous medications for migraine prevention and treatment, and yet nothing has ever worked for me. It’s been a little over a year since the frequent migraines returned, so I finally started seeing another neurologist and I’m so excited because he’s so positive about being able to help me, and had different options. This doctor gave me a couple “rescue drugs” to try…drugs you take at the onset of a migraine and they should help prevent it from coming full force. He also gave me a self-injectable medication that I needed to use if the other drugs didn’t work.

Last night, I had my opportunity. I woke up yesterday at 1:30 am after falling asleep past 10:30. Difficulty sleeping is something I struggle with regularly. So, up since 1:30. I took my girls to walk at the beach, I ate something, I went to the gym and lifted, yet somehow, the buildup of no sleep and exhaustion was catching up with me. I laid down all afternoon feeling feverish, dizzy, and just mentally absent, so I took a med that helps me sleep sometimes. And then it happened…I felt the migraine creeping on. I took drug 1…about 45 minutes later, the pain was getting worse so I decided to give myself the shot.

Have you ever given yourself a shot? I hadn’t, so I got on YouTube to watch how to do it. Word to the wise: never get on YouTube and search “how to give yourself an injection”, because yikes.. But I succeeded in giving myself the shot, and all of a sudden, the migraine accelerated and got worse. The pain, the vomiting, the blindness. I got to my bed as fast as I could and, thank God, I slept through the night, and woke up without pain. So, great… more drugs that I’ve failed.

The good news is that this new doc got approval from insurance to do Botox treatment for prevention, as there has been a lot of success with that. I go in Monday for that treatment, and I pray this is the answer to keep the migraines away. Will keep you posted and share that process of way too many units of Botox being injected in my body. 🙂