Cuz it's all about balance..

May Detox…check.

May Detox…check.

So May Mind/Body detox is over, and I wanted to share how it all panned out. I’m pretty happy because aside from my crying party, it’s been quite a successful month in my mind/body/spirit life. I eliminated emotional toxicity, making clearer choices in regards to that toxicity and what I would and would not accept. I started practicing yoga and focusing more on meditation and being in the present moment in any situation, even the bummer awkward ones.

Because I joined a new gym this month, my workout schedule has been kind of intense because I’m trying to lock down a routine. I’ve been feeling out the gym by trying different instructors to decide which classes I really like taking and want to continue taking, all while remembering to get in solid lifting sessions because I love that. I thiiiink maybe I’m finally figuring it out, but the 1 thing the past 3 weeks has been lacking is balance in the ratio of exercise:rest. This blog is about life and balance with Lupus, but balance is something that needs to be strived for every day. I have found balance in so many aspects in my life, but there will always be things I need to work harder at. My migraine frequency has definitely reduced since my first Botox treatment, but I can pinpoint the triggers to some of the migraines, like a lack of food because I’ve forgotten to eat a lot. Balance is a work in progress and help for my migraines is trial and error.

I’m still in my post-Lent party of #nocoffee, and that will end in 8 days. For about 90% of the past 32 days, I haven’t missed coffee too much. Those other 10%, I’ve missed the comfort and ritual of a good cup of coffee, especially when I go in a coffee shop for my tea and walk out smelling like espresso. The coolest thing about eliminating something for a decent amount of time is that the chances of developing a fixation with it once reintroduced it pretty low. I don’t foresee having coffee every day, I didn’t even have tea every day. Tea every day is expected in Britain, and multiple coffees every day are expected in Italy… #BecauseCulture.

It’s a new month which means now I need a new challenge or something else to eliminate… I’m goal driven, but I believe in having smaller goals to reach a much larger goal. It’s how I personally maintain drive and momentum. Any thoughts on what I can eliminate? Don’t you dare say gum. 😉 GumIsLife.