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Independence Day #Gains

Independence Day #Gains

How did we all celebrate our independence yesterday? I opted for a super mellow day because we celebrated the birthdays on Monday, so it was kind of an early 4th celebration as well. Especially since fireworks are going on around town, scaring Daisy out of her mind, so I’ve needed to do whatever I can to comfort her. She’s older though and just always so scared, and vests or sweaters don’t help her. I usually find her hiding in the bathroom between the toilet and the shower. Aww my poor kiddo. I hate that she just doesn’t understand what’s happening and hate even more that I can’t help her. 

So I woke up with the full intention to take a little drive for my fancy coffee before I hit the gym, but the coffee shop wasn’t answering their phone, so I thought maybe they were closed for the holiday. I got ready to go to the gym, had some coffee, and then decided nahhhh, I’m gonna kick my own booty here at home. And kick it is what I did. Plyometrics, some ankle weights, yoga. I had my music blasting and the girls were watching me like I was nutso. I used to incorporate plyos at least once a week when I was competing, and I decided that they needed to be reintroduced to my life. They’re explosive workouts and really wipe me out, but I love that I’m in the comfort of my home, with tiny shorts and tight shirts because no one is seeing me, and I can look like a hot mess if I want. Every now and then, I have the urge to not go to the gym and do something different. Switching it up keeps it fun. 

My workout is below.  Try it out sometime when you don’t feel like getting to the gym but still feel like sweating and exhausting yourself to the point where you can’t breathe and feel like your heart is gonna explode out of your chest. I was pouring sweat, my legs and booty were on fire…it was awesome.

Happy exercising! 😉

(I took about a 45 second rest in between these sets)

4 x 20 Pop Squats
4 x 20 Squat Jacks
4 x 30 Mountain Climbers
2 x 20 Glute Bridges
2 x 20 Wide Glute Bridge
4 x 20 Lunges 

For the following I used 5 lb ankle weights:
4 x 20 Donkey Kicks
4 x 20 Fire Hydrants
2 x 20 Lying Leg Lifts

Followed by some yogaaaa to stretch alll that out 🙂