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I’m So Ready For A New Year!

I’m So Ready For A New Year!

December went as fast as it came. It’s been a month full of good memories and delicious foods, but it passed so quickly. I spent a lot of time with my family, as well as lots of time writing, time in the kitchen, and time reflecting. Christmas was beautiful, aside from the fact that I got sick on Christmas Eve, not the best timing because I cooked on Christmas Day, but regardless, I took every OTC drug made and enjoyed the holiday. I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas season as well! December was definitely a great month for me.

Being totally honest, 2017 hasn’t been the best year. It’s been great for a lot of things, continued remission, traveling, sharing my voice through so many articles published, making memories with family and friends, and focusing on my overall wellness. But it’s been an emotional struggle, probably one of the most challenging years I’ve had to date, and for reasons that I can’t exactly pinpoint. Writing about those struggles, and having this blog as an outlet are very therapeutic for me, and I write with the hopes that sharing my struggles will help someone get through theirs. Needless to say, I’ve definitely been ready to bid this year adieu, closing the chapter on 2017. I’m that person who just by the simple action of writing 2018, my mindset will be different. 

As difficult as it was at times, I would never change a moment. These hardships, these struggles that we go through… they build our character, they teach us empathy, they teach us how to persevere. I never let my struggles bring me down, I use them as fuel for moving forward and I thank God for always giving me the strength I need to do so. If 2017 has been difficult for you, acknowledge and accept what happened, but remember the most important thing: you made it. You are here, reading this, and ready to conquer a new year. 

So let’s do it. Let’s make 2018 the best year yet. Let’s achieve everything we set our minds to, let’s crush all the goals, let’s love our bodies, let’s appreciate each moment. I end every year with the same mantra, so in my own tradition: thank you 2017 for the pain endured, the lessons learned, the success earned. Cheers to 2018 and Cheers to all of us♥♥