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I owe you…. a Missing in Action Update!

I owe you…. a Missing in Action Update!

Well hi! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated and I have to apologize for my lagging again. It’s been a full couple weeks mentally and physically. I’m over exhausted but pushing through because I have all this energy I want to use. I’m a little over 1 month into my keto diet and I feel great. I started incorporating some intermittent fasting as well, fasting for 16 hours and eating my meals within an 8 hour window. I wake up in the morning and make a fatty coffee before I workout, and I don’t count that as a meal because it’s just a healthy dose of fats for my brain, and allows me to go longer without feeling hungry. 

My workouts have been awesome which makes me super stoked! I’m switching things up and having a lot of fun while I do it. The one non-fun thing I did the other day was a heated yoga class… not to be confused with a straight hot yoga class, which I’d never be able to handle. The room got up to 91 degrees and I was miserable, so the lesson there was that for me, regular yoga it is! I’m really enjoying yoga and now I’m trying to practice about 4 times a week. I never thought I could get into yoga because my mind is always racing, but it’s been an awesome addition to my life. I’m getting so much more connected with body, mind, and spirit. Take the time to pray or meditate, and stretch. You’ll connect to yourself in such a beautiful way.

I’ve been a bit mentally preoccupied because I’ve been focusing on so many different projects in the form of articles and pieces to get published. I recently got another piece published and to see my work on a website other than my own is an an amazing experience. When people share my work, it truly is  humbling. It’s validation that my words resonate with people, which is all hope for when I write. 🙂 It’s taken quite a while to get this blog going, which has been unfortunate. I’ve done most of my sharing on social media over the past few years, but in order to reach and hopefully help as many people as possible, writing more publicly was needed. There’s something extremely therapeutic for me in writing, and I wish that I had gotten started sooner on a larger public platform, and not just journaling for myself. 

So here I am. Finally feeling good with foods, with great energy, and so much inspiration and creativity. I feel like a weight has been lifted with finally figuring out the right foods, and that leaves me feeling the most hopeful. Nourish your body, nourish your mind, nourish your life♦