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How those migraines doin’, girl?

How those migraines doin’, girl?

It’s been almost 3 months (holy crap where did the time go?!) since the first Botox treatment for my migraines, and I’ve lagged on giving updates throughout. Since I went back today for another treatment, I realized that I needed to fiiiiiinally share my feedback.

Before I went in May 1st, I was averaging about 17 migraine days a month. Let’s let that sink in for a sec…. SEVEN-TEEN days a month. That’s freakin’ craziness, and definitely no way to live. Migraines have always been a part of my life (thanks Lupus), and after failing so many medicines to prevent or help them, I was desperate for any kind of relief. The neurologist had told me that treatment usually didn’t work the first time around for the majority of people, sometimes it took 2 or 3 times, but I had a lot of faith in this because it was the final step in giving me relief.

And how excited am I to officially say that in the past 3 months, I’ve had about 6 low scale migraines that never progressed into full-fledged terror. 6 over 3 months, versus about 17 in 1 month? I’ll take it! Not only that, the fact that they were much more mellow has been the biggest blessing. I could probably pinpoint the triggers for them coming on also. I was told after my initial follow up to keep notes of when they’d come on and what I needed to take to help them. They usually stemmed from forgetting to eat (ugh I know, who forgets to eat?!) or lack of sleep. They were so low scale though that I didn’t really need to drug up to help them. A little shutting the world off and resting and they remedied themselves. 

My neuro was so happy today that Botox has worked so wonderfully for me. The one thing I told him that was a bummer is that I had more wrinkles than I would’ve liked… 😉 I know, I know. How vain am I right now? But come on now, if we’re already shooting it in, let’s just shoot a liiiil more in the forehead right? I’m super expressive, especially with raising my left eyebrow (cuz that’s my good side!) so hopefully this time I’ll be less wrinkly. 

If you’re severely struggling with migraines and you’ve failed multiple different medications, please talk to your neurologist about all of your options. After failing so many, I’m so thankful that my insurance finally approved Botox because after just one treatment I finally have normalcy in this aspect of my life. Normal is not having to live with the constant bitchy migraine that knocks you out of commission for days on end. I’ve been able to get solid rest, and I’ve had more stability which has been an amazing thing for me. Plus, the superficial benefits like looking a tad bit younger aren’t so bad either, right? 🙂