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Holidays Are Officially Here

Holidays Are Officially Here

I’m a naughty, naughty blogger because it’s been 20 days since I last said Hey. My excuse is the true fact that I’ve thrown myself into writing articles, but ho hum, it’s still an excuse. So first things first… is Thanksgiving seriously already over? This month has flown by in record speed. I feel like I don’t have enough time in the day to get things done and feel productive, and I think I finally realized why… daylight savings time. It’s getting dark around 5pm and light out so early. I.Hate.It. 

I’ve kind been living in my own cave of wonders this past month, throwing myself into writing, yoga, and really trying to stay healthy because now is the time that everyone gets sick. And since I’m anti-flu shot, I just try my best to make sure I’m keeping germs at bay in any way I can control. Unfortunately, the combination of lack of sleep, fatigue, and everyone else sick, isn’t the best for staying flu-free. I’m crossing my fingers I do a good job with immunity shots, overdoing water intake, soap and anti-bac that I succeed in not getting sick. Rest is a factor there too, so as soon as I figure out the best recipe for solid rest, I’ll share it. 

Thanksgiving was a nice, mellow day that I spent with my mama and the girls. The next day we did family photos with everyone and spent some time at my uncle’s. Christmas music and spirit have been filling my life since Halloween was over (even though I sleep to mellow Christmas music all year), so I’m very excited to deck the halls in making the house super festive! With that comes my annual Christmas bake fest, where I use all the sugar, all the gluten, all the love, and spend a couple days baking for doctors and friends.

Baking, like writing, is incredibly therapeutic for me. And although I make healthier treats when I want them, for Christmas I go all out with normal baked goods 😉 I did make a sugar-free, keto crustless pumpkin pie last week because I love pumpkin pie, but hate pie crust. Also because I wanted to see if I could execute it without sugar, and low and behold, it was deee-licious. Kind of like a custard…that I ate…quickly. And then I made it again right before Thanksgiving because I was feelin’ the need to be extra festive and basic. #SoNiceIMadeItTwice.

So, to sum it all up: Christmas music on loop. Decorating happening soon. As is my birrrrthday! And I’m stocking up on my baking inventory. If you’re my friend and live close by, or my doctor, get your stretchy pants on. Cuz it’s almost my annual #FeedSugarToOtherPeople party!