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Happy End of January!

Happy End of January!

Ugh. There is no excuse for my disappearing in January. Unlike most Debbie Downer memes I see on social media saying how January was a trial month, and 2018 starts in February and alllll that brooo-ha-ha… I’m happy with how January has gone. It’s been extremely productive and busy, and wait- apparently I’m using that as my excuse for my lagged blogging 😉

So what mischief have I been getting into, you ask? I’ve been writing a ton, getting articles published, one about Relationships with Introverts that was super challenging was Trending for a bit and has over 33k hits at this point. WIN! Click above and check it out! I’ve been working on a multitude of cover letters, making sure my resume is on point, and beginning pinpoint what inspires me about companies I’d like to work with, and what inspires me about my writing future in general.

My health is stable… given my Lupus remission and my chronic issues, I’d say I’m like 93% a normal person. I went through about a week where I literally had no appetite. It was the saddest week of the year so far. I drank bone broth. And bulletproof coffee. That’s it. But aside from that hiccup, my foods are awesome… I mean, how stoked am I that we currently have a plethora of avocado in southern California. #AvocadoIsLife. My best friend lives in Florida and he is not so lucky. I am however,  beginning to think I may have some kind of deficiency, because every night for the past week, I cannot get enough almond butter, coconut butter, fats. It’s the weirdest, but most delicious problem.

I did do something pretty spontaneous which is usually so not me. I was moping over the fact that I haven’t been to Seattle in a year, because we know one of my alter-egos was made to live in the PNW, specifically Seattle. I was honestly also moping a little bit because my nights will expire if I don’t stay somewhere before April, and since my Europe trip is in late April, I was gonna lose nights, and losing something I’ve earned? No way, I’m not about that life. So I looked at rates for the Hyatt in Seattle… found a killer rate, and BOOKED, not even giving it a second thought. Just booked. Found a flight, booked that too. Guess what? I’m going alone. Pretty cool right? I thought so, and then I started thinking about how I have to go to dinner alone, do everything alone, and for a brief second, I thought “oh crap, what have I done?” And then I got over it, because it’s going to be completely awesome. In every way. In personal growth, and new experiences. It’s officially my “Writing Retreat,” because that’s all I’m going to do. Well, write, drink coffee, walk and eat.

That’s all the excitement I can think to share with you right now, but I promise regular updates and adventures!!