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Happy Blood Work & A Beautifully Messy Life

Happy Blood Work & A Beautifully Messy Life

My blood results came back. I saw the call from my doctor when I was almost home from yoga the other day, so I apprehensively answered. He informed me that everything was fine. As in normal, as in no problems, as in still #RemissionYear5. So naturally, I had to keep questioning just to make sure that there weren’t any mistakes, and because I like being informed about my health and needed to hear numbers and levels to know exactly where I stood. 

Thank God. Everything really is normal…with the exception of Vitamin D that’s a little low. And honestly, that wasn’t surprising considering about 2 months ago, I threw a temper tantrum with my vitamins and decided to take a break for none other than the simple reason that I was tired of taking things. In retrospect, I was probably more tired of organizing my pill box. Vitamin D is kind of crucial though…I don’t get sun because of Lupus so I don’t get the vitamin organically, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll start taking those again. 

Unless you live with a chronic illness or have a disease that’s in remission, you’ll never understand the little underlying worry that comes with blood tests or random symptoms. I don’t  let them consume me to the point of stress, but I think they’re thoughts that just linger deep down. Diseases in general can flare with stress, so I try my best to maintain as much of a stress free life as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way of that. 

Nothing is in my control. I learned this long ago. I’s been years since I relinquished control and gave everything to God. The only things I can control are how I choose to handle what’s presented, how I choose to react to situations, how I choose to move forward. Notice the common denominator here…it’s choice. We choose how to deal with things. We choose how to process the thoughts that come to our minds. They may not necessarily always be good thoughts, but we can choose to acknowledge them and how we react to them.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: life is beautifully messy. Embrace every aspect of it. If there’s something you don’t like or a path you’re on that doesn’t serve you, you have the power to change it, whether it’s a job, relationship, lifestyle, or friendship. You can’t control what happens, but you can control how you move forward. Deep Wednesday thoughts♥

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