Cuz it's all about balance..

For the love of hats..

For the love of hats..

Sometimes you wake up, look in the mirror as you get ready and realize… it’s a hat day. Maybe your hair is dirty, maybe it’s clean, maybe you don’t feel like putting on much makeup, or maybe you just want to be a tad incognito and wear a hat so you don’t have to deal too directly with people. Either way, some days it’s just a hat day. 

I went through a period quite a few years back where I liked hats… a lot. I liked them so much it was my mission when I’d go out with my girlfriends that I’d “acquire” new hats from different people in bars. When I say acquire, I mean, borrow them and never give them back… okay, okay, so I’d steal them…kind of. I’d use the whole “come on dude, this hat looks waaaay better on me than it does you.” Some guys were cool with it, others were perturbed. But neither of those factors mattered because a couple years later when I really thought about taking RANDOM people’s hats and putting them on my head, the non-winner in the situation was me. Because ewww germs in my HAIR.

So my hat phase ended, I got rid of all my treasured hats I had acquired and I moved on to a life period where I didn’t really wear hats, unless they were beanies in the winter. For workouts, I used big headbands if anything. Because of Lupus, I don’t go in the sun much. I’m basically Snow White, which is fine because sun exposure can cause Lupus flares, and I also have a history of melanoma. I think it’s “better safe than flaring.” And although I wear sunscreen, I started to realize I needed to protect my face more when I was out and about in the hot sun, but I didn’t want to wear a big floppy hat every day because I swore I’d feel like one of the Real Housewives. Last year I went to a Unite Hair convention and bought a hat that supported this great cause, Shelter to Soldier, which places trained, rescue dogs with post 9/11 combat vets. And just like that… sun protection, and the flame of my love for a good trucker hat was ignited. 

Before I went to Europe, I ran inside a Tilly’s store, looking for a hat I could either bring on my trip or just to have, and I stumbled across this O’Neill pineapple hat that Lola is so nicely rockin’. I bought it and forgot about it in the back of my closet. A couple weeks ago I found it and thought about returning it but I had missed the date to do that. I didn’t want to accumulate so many different hats again like I did when I had my klepto bar hat phase. 🙂 But I’m smarter about protecting my face these days.

Aside from the Lupus effects of the sun, I’m not a baby spring chicken anymore and don’t want extra aging, so I never want my face in the sun. So I wore the hat outside on a beautifully hot day, then to the gym, and realized that it was a freakin winner of a hat. It made me smile, it was good quality, I loved it, I felt extra sassy, and more importantly, it was cute. Just today I went to the doctor and in the span of 2 hours, I had 6 different people telling me how much they loved my pineapple hat. Sometimes you just make a good retail purchase, even if you don’t really know it at the moment. Pineapple hat has a few wins here… it protects me from the sun, cuz no one wants premature aging and especially sun damage (cuz have you seen sun damaged faces), it’s cute and makes people smile, and most important win of all, LolaBoo looks extra adorbs.