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Food Prepping

Food Prepping

So right now I’m throwing it back to when I used to compete. My training was super intense and I was always eating. I would eat at least 6 times a day and I had all my food prepped ahead of time so there was no room for error. Basically, I maintained control over every day and every situation. I carried baggies of chicken in my purse, I brought food everywhere I went. It was a little insane. You can only imagine what my food prep days used to look like then. My weekends were reserved for prepping and I had a whole system down. I would buy about 20 pounds of chicken breasts, 4-6 pounds of ground turkey, and way too much tilapia. 

My routine was to start cleaning chicken, prepping everything and cooking Saturday morning through the day. Then I would have to put everything in the fridge to get cold, portion it all and bag it up. It wasn’t just protein that I had to prep. During competition days, I had my entire MEALS prepped out. It was how I was trained under one coach, and looking back on it now, even I think it was too much

As I’ve evolved in my training and nutrition and I continue to learn what’s best for me, my sanity, and my body, there is one thing that’s always been a constant. And that’s my shower cap. I always wear a shower cap when I bulk cook like that because the last thing I want is my hair to be smelling like poultry, and worst of all, back in the day.. fish. I remember I had gotten to a point where I was eating white first like 4 out of 6 meals daily, and I would be sweating in the gym, and the nasty stench of tilapia would be seeping out of my pores. I don’t eat fish much anymore… obviously.

So back to the shower cap that protects me from being stinky. I did it, it’s kind of my signature cooking accessory, like an apron….for my hair. 🙂 Laugh all you want, but the last thing you would want when you’re sleeping next to someone is to be inhaling the nasty smell of chicken or other yuckiness that’s permeating your bedroom air and ruining your pillows. Good thing I sleep alone. 😉

A lot of other factors have changed in my food prepping since I don’t compete anymore. My lifestyle is still heavy training and healthy eating. It’s what keeps me in remission and ultimately what I feel best doing. I still bulk cook chicken and ground turkey (hence my stylish photo, I know you’re jealous!), but I don’t prep complete meals anymore. I like having protein ready to go in the freezer, portioned and bagged, because it’s easy then for me to keep getting all my protein in, instead of not having anything prepared. When I got back from Europe, I took a few bags out of the freezer and had food by the next day. It’s simple and sometimes a lifesaver.

But now that I’m more “growed up” and “adulting”, I like freedom and flexibility in what I eat. I like to be able to say NO to everyday green beans or broccoli, and switch it up with fancy artichokes and zucchini. Plus now I like being creative and making veggies pretty and delicious, instead of just lame and steamed. I think some food prep is very crucial to stay on a healthy eating plan that you set up for yourself. If you have goals you’re striving for, it helps keep you on track and not deviate too much. Don’t restrict by prepping every single thing, but make sure you have veggies and fruits and protein all ready to go in your house. That’s my tip for success for the day. Also, that shower caps are for more that just keeping your hair dry in the shower…write that one down too.