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Easter and owwies

Easter and owwies

Was the Easter bunny good to you? Did you stuff your face with chocolate bunnies and Cadbury caramel eggs? Happy belated Easter… I took a break from packing and feeling yuckies to write a little excerpt on why I love Easter so much and why I’m bummed I didn’t get the full extent of the celebration today. As a practicing Catholic, Easter is the foundation of our faith. I love the promises it brings of new life, forgiveness, and joy. My mama and I have created a newer tradition the past couple years where we go to sunrise Mass on Easter morning, so we were at church at 5:30 for this beautiful celebration. I spent just a little time with my family because I’m still sick and have a 6am flight to Seattle in the morning, but all in all it was a beautiful day.

However I’ve STILL been sick since I got back from Europe. I feel like the past week has been me taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. European flu got me good… I haven’t been that sick from a flu in years. And apart from that, my foot is having serious issues. A few years ago, I experienced this pain in my foot that was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. With years of illness and drugs, I’ve developed a very high pain tolerance. But the pain in the foot was off the charts. The sheets touching my foot would make me cry for how painful it was. What was this pain, you ask? Gout.

When I first went to the doctor, I was told, in the middle of a semi-snicker, that gout is the fat, old, white man’s disease. Hmm, how wonderfully racist and stereotypical. Gout usually happens from a diet rich in fatty foods and alcohol, or in cases like mine, dehydration. Years of being sick, you learn how your body works… you know when you’re dehydrated, when you’re getting anemic, etc. So I know my body and when I start to get that familiar pain in my foot and I know it’s not because I did some crazy workout, I know what’s coming. Dehydration gout, which is yikes.

It’s funny because over the past 10 days, every time I felt like my flu was improving or my foot getting better, I’d wake up the next morning with a kick in the face of realty. The reality that says, Dear Katiuscia, I may be in remission, but your immune system will always be a biatch, and I’ll still throw random pains at you. Love, Lupus. 😉