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Detox Week 1 Roundup

Detox Week 1 Roundup

Holy Moly! This week has seriously flown by! I’ve been super focused on writing and my workouts and making sure I was doing everything according to the plan I’ve created for myself. I started “competition prep” style workouts. I decided to train kiiiiiind of like I have a show in the near future (but I don’t), and I figure I’ll set a goal of doing a photo shoot or something really cool in the fall. I like setting goals for myself, and I’m a firm believer in them because I feel like they help keep you accountable. 

The one thing that’s been kind of off this week has been my sleep, but I know exactly what that was from. I ran an errand about 30 minutes away on Wednesday, and left first thing in the morning so I didn’t really eat much. I met a friend and her two adorable lil girls at my favorite coffee shop up there, and got this yummy drink called The Jess. It’s espresso blended with Kerrygold butter, poured over ice, with a tablespoon of maple syrup. It’s delicious!! But this coffee shop also has the best Mexican Mocha I’ve ever had, so I got one for the next day. 

Then on the way back home, where I was going to go to the gym, I got stuck in traffic. And was hungry. So I ate a protein bar, and drank my Mexican Mocha…and was now 5 espresso shots in.  Don’t get me wrong, my workout was awesome. It lasted about 2 hours and was all legs and booty. It’s Saturday and the pain is still bad. So ever since my espresso overload, my sleep has been weird. 

Aside from that, I think I rocked this week with focus and consistency. I had a super good cry yesterday. Totally normal for me every now and then. I think it was due to material I was writing, on lupus and not being able to have kids, and I probably needed to purge some dormant negativity. I’ve been doing yoga consistently and on Saturday mornings I take a power yoga class…which is so.freakin.hard, and since I’m newer, it’s even harder. And yet I love it because it challenges me so much. I also experimented a bit with some gluten-free paleo pumpkin protein pancakes, and will share that recipe as soon as I nail it down. Before you think you misread the type of pancakes because no, it’s not fall, you should know that it’s always pumpkin season in my life.

It’s already flooded here with out-of-towners for summer, and being a holiday weekend, I don’t plan to go out much. I’m lucky I got 1 little beach walk in with my littlest boo Lola. I think a little bit of Vitamin D, pool time with the family, perhaps some Harry Potter, and healthy baking experimenting will go down… My version of this holiday weekend all of sudden sounds pretty darn cool.