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December is finally here!

December is finally here!

Happy December!! My MOST favorite month of all! Birthday and baking and movies and music and Christmas and boots with the fur! My one complaint about December, and unless you’re the grinch, I’m sure you’ll agree, is that is passes way too quickly, right? If it can just slow down a little bit so we can do all the things people do in Hallmark movies, that would be great. Liiiike, going to look at Christmas lights everywhere, or a small town Christmas festival, or decorating cookies at a coffee shop for hours, or Secret Santa games that seem really cool.

It’s officially my birthday week, and this is the week where things are getting super busy for me and the days are going by too fast. But it’s going to be a fun week as well 🙂 A week that includes fancy dinner at one of my favorite places, West Steakhouse in Carlsbad, with dessert of the yummiest carrot cake ever, and the Little Italy farmer’s market downtown. 

I also have my annual appointment with my kidney doctor coming up, the appointment that can confirm or deny continued remission. And while I’m super excited to see my doc because he’s awesome and he gets super excited when I bring him Christmas baking, I’m a little nervous about the appointment itself. The lab stole so much blood from me last week for all my tests, so I’ll get those results when I go see him. I’ve had some weird health stuff going on lately that I’ve been trying to sort out, but any time something is off with my health, I begin to cringe inside and get super paranoid that my Lupus is awake again. I’ve been losing a lot of hair and my fatigue is still pretty intense. So of course, my first thought is: Lupus, because I experienced those symptoms heavily in my last big flare. 

But then I take a step back and look at my lifestyle and external factors. I’ve been following a ketogenic diet since August, and while I feel really good, I don’t increase my carbs that often. An occasional carb refeed can be beneficial as you get leaner or more fat adapted on a keto diet, to increase leptin levels and help reset things. I’ve done enough research and reading to know that if I’m losing this much hair, I probably need to begin a practice of carb refeeds maybe once a week. 

Also, stress can also be a factor with my hair loss, as it is usually a factor in so many different ailments. When we stress, our hormones go out of whack, and it can affect our health in many ways. And even though I try to limit the stress I allow in my life because autoimmune disease especially feed off stress, sometimes you just don’t even know that your body is stressed for whatever reason.

Bottom line, I’m not going to worry too much more about the hair loss or the fatigue until I see my doctor. There’s nothing I can do about it anyways without knowing. I’m going to enjoy my birthday week, my decorated house and Christmas tree, my writing, and my little doggies who like to snuggle me because now it’s getting chilly. 🙂

Think lovely thoughts for me and please send prayers my way that I’ll be able to start hash tagging #RemissionYear5!♥