Cuz it's all about balance..

Dear Coffee…I’m back.

Dear Coffee…I’m back.

And on the 41st day…she drank coffee. WoopWoop!!

I made it! I completed post-Lent! I won 😉  Let me tell you, giving up something you love isn’t easy, hence why it’s called a sacrifice. As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t give up caffeine. I still occasionally had black tea or a pre workout cotton candy Bang. I chose to give up coffee because I was eliminating the acidity to see how my system felt. The coolest thing about this post- Lenten sacrifice of mine is that I went days without caffeine also, and found that I didn’t need it to survive.

Caffeine doesn’t affect me too much like it does many people. I never feel all jacked or get super jittery. I’m sure it gives me a boost of energy, especially the Bang energy drink I’ve had pre workout, but it’s nothing where I can’t mellow out afterwards. So I guess I’m saying, even though I’m sure it affects me, I don’t really feel the effects too much, so that’s good for me, because I’m sure I’d be super annoying if I was all jacked on caffeine. I’d probably never stop talking, and start using different accents, and basically, my weirdness would come out and then what? #NoFriends..

Although I will say I think I’ve slept more the past 40 days without the constant, daily drip of caffeine in my system. Which by me admitting that obviously says caffeine DOES have an effect on me. Hey, are you reading this? Is the grammar police out there? I’m usually the grammar sheriff but I want to make sure my reintroduction of coffee hasn’t impacted the correct uses of affect and effect. 🙂 I digress…

The conclusions of this entire situation is that the elimination of coffee has also diminished my desire to have it all the time, so I think it will become an occasional treat, unless I’m in Italy, and then it’s happening every day, duh. The elimination of coffee has also made me realize that I think iced tea is more my jam. And probably the best conclusion is that the elimination of coffee has made me realize I need to simmer down on Bang, because the belches that Bang produces can envy an entire fraternity belching contest…. and we’ll just leave it at that. 🙂