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Current Meal Obsession..

Current Meal Obsession..

I’ve rekindled my love for eggs. No, no, hold on for a sec. Let me clarify… whole eggs. The entire thing. White AND yolk. I jumped back on this bandwagon when I was in Italy a few months ago because the eggs there are just extra delicious… probably because the chickens are sassy Italians, right? So because I didn’t want to go out to eat pizza or pasta every day, I cooked a lot of eggs, chicken, or ground beef a lot over there. I had brought snacks from home- almond butter, jerky and protein bars- but I needed to eat more real food consistently. And let’s be honest, I really needed to counteract the endless croissants, cappuccinos, and gelato with endless amounts of protein. 

My love for eggs runs deep. But before I get into it, you should know that I’m the first to admit I’ll always mess up an omelette if given the task, so I found the easy way to get around that…I live for scrambles. I love frittatas, and mini egg and veggie frittatas. I love MuscleEgg because, who wouldn’t love flavored egg whites? They’re so versatile and delicious, especially Pumpkin Spice and Cake Bater flavors! I can bake with them or, more importantly, have a protein pumpkin pancake for breakfast, slathered with almond butter and covered in sprinkles. But I do love making protein fiber bread with MuscleEgg.

But in Italy, it was all about fried eggs. I like the yolk a little runny, or in Italy I could dip bread, but here I don’t do that because all food is better in Italy. Lately I’ve been making my lil fried eggs and coating my pan with GHEE. Holy crap!! Have you used this stuff lately? This is the first time I bought ghee because I realized I probably should’ve been on this bandwagon long ago. My eggs tastes rich and full of extra flavor.

I feel like eggs are a very underrated food. They’re a great quality of protein, and rich in so many nutrients, including vitamins D, B6, B12 as well as minerals. But look, I don’t need to sell you the benefits on eggs. They’re amazing. You can do anything with them, the most important of these things is baking, duhhh. As if you didn’t already know that.

But my favorite meal at the moment, no matter what time of day, maybe sometimes even twice (shh our secret) is this plate of goodness. Side note: I’m also currently obsessed with grating my vegetables because I don’t have the patience to chop anymore, and grating is just way more interesting and fun to me. This was a scramble of about 1/3 cup grated zucchini, 1/8 cup sweet potatoes, 1/2 cup chiffonaded spinach, 3 oz of ground turkey, as many egg whites as you feel you need, a little Tajin and pepper. Topped off with 1 (or 2) fabulously fried egg with a yolk just runny enough. Freakin nomNomNOM. Do yourself a favor and make it. Post workout, dinner, or just whenever you want. 

I’m on a major protein power kick right now…obviously. It’s chicken, beef, and always eggs for the win.