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Carb Update

Carb Update

It’s amazing to me how crazy fast time is passing lately. I mean, already August? I feel like it was just July 4th. The year is literally almost over at this point, and I can’t wrap my head around this ridiculousness of time! Anywho, that’s completely besides the point…

I wanted to give an update on my reintroduction of gluten and more carby foods. It went well for about 3 days. I got in WAY more fiber, hitting over 53 grams a day, and my overall carbs increased significantly. And then I did something stupid: I ate dairy ice cream. The cool thing if you’re down with dairy, is that there are some really awesome choices for healthier ice cream, with protein and low sugar. So I had 3 nights where I would fill some carbs and fiber with dairy ice cream. The not-cool thing is that I don’t usually eat dairy. I haven’t for quite a while, and I overdid it in Italy and paid the price with suffering. 

Guess what happened? I feel extremely yucky. All the good feelings and progress and non-bloating I had for 3 days were completely wiped away with the next 3 nights of ice cream. And this weekend was also full of stomach pain and issues. So now I’m faced with new issues. Something has been off with my stomach and digestion for quite a while as I’ve mentioned previously. Something internal is preventing me from not just dropping weight, but from digesting and having a normal healthy gut as well. I feel like there’s a lot of inflammation in my body right now, with my knee, with new foods introduced, and I just think it’s time to take it waaaaay back to basics. Lupus is all about inflammation, and I don’t want to aggravate my system and make things go wild. When my kidneys were crazy bananas, they’d spill protein I’d hold major amounts of fluid, and I’m currently holding a lot of it. Again, inflammation. The problem with retaining fluid is that I know it’s bad when I can’t breathe, and I’m getting to that challenging point at times. 

I talked with a friend and she asked if I have food allergies. I’d been tested years ago but she reminded me that allergies can develop over time. Hmmm…good reminder. So I booked an appointment with an allergist for next week and he’ll do the prick testing. I think it may give me a little more direction because even as well versed as I am for my own body nutrition wise, something I’m doing isn’t jiving. Now I’m pretty confident that I’m holding on to something subconsciously as well, but something needs to shift. I really dislike the “unknown” factors with illness because you don’t know which direction to go. The direction for me right now is prayers, good spirits, and calm.