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Back to Basics

Back to Basics

In a major effort to try to figure out what the heck is going on with my system, Tuesday I decided to literally go back to basics with food. No caffeine, no processed anything, no dairy, no gluten, no supplements in the form of protein powders or bars. Pretty much just real food, which is baaaasically how I already eat, but even more basic. Ooo the basic’ness! 😉 With elimination of artificial everything except gum, and no additional sugar other than fruit, I foresee the next week or so being quite plain, but also kind of jumpstarty to figuring out why my digestive tract is being a bit of a B.

At first I kind of tripped about no caffeine because I was thinking I needed some kind of jolt before a workout, or just to power through my day. I gave up coffee in May, but still kept caffeine in the form of tea or an energy drink. So now it’s nothing, and let me tell you… day 3 and I’m good. Yoga early this am, lifted and did spin yesterday, and I didn’t need any kind of extra push. I’ve been starting my days with smoothies from Choice Juicery in Carlsbad, getting my workouts in, snacking on cashews or almonds in the car, going home and eating alllll the chicken and veggies.

Some fave veggies are zucchini, sweet potatoes (root veggie, whaaat!), green beans, cauliflower, spinach. I like broccoli every now and then and peas sprinkled in too. Cauliflower rice is so versatile, and can literally be added to anything, like salads, eggs, even smoothies. It’s a major win in the healthy veggies department. I’ve been having such an issue getting in enough carbs lately, but I’ve had over 2 days of really loading up on veggies and even berries. Berries are the lowest sugar fruits… and they’re quite high in fiber. Raspberries win on this one on both counts.

Because of my chemo history, I’m used to being a very plain eater. Super basic, limited seasonings, same things every day. I’ve graduated to more flexibility in my diet over the years, but because I’m having some issues, I realized that I needed to go back to what made me feel the healthiest. So this is my back to basics detox to try to figure out why things aren’t processing well with me, and perfect timing because I see the allergist next week. And then know what time it is after I get answers? Time to get down for a #PintNight with NadaMoo ice cream… 😉