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All the fitness goals

All the fitness goals

I had a moment in yoga today where I was reminded that fitness is a never-ending journey. We all have to start somewhere, but there is no limit to where we can go. Exercise was a crucial part in finding my healing from Lupus Nephritis so many years ago. My real fitness journey began in 2011, when I was so sick in the middle of the worst flare I’d ever had. My goal was simple: I wanted strength. I wanted to know that should I end up in the hospital or homebound again, I’d have some strength to at least be mobile. I gained that strength, and then formed another goal, then another, and so the journey continued. 

I’ve really enjoyed learning along the way because I’ve found that there is so much information, knowledge, and technique. I’m constantly amazed at what my body is capable of, and all the things I don’t give it credit for. I’ve worked with different personal trainers, taken different classes, and tried different lifting approached to try and help shape my body. I’ve been a spin queen, bikini competitor, barre fanatic, to now yoga lover, spin princess, 3-4 times a week lifter, and beach walker with my girls. 

The beautiful thing about our fitness levels is that they keep evolving. There is always something to learn, and what gave you incredible results at one time maybe isn’t giving you those results anymore. It’s a unique, individual journey and it has to be treated that way.

Exercise is also full of failure moments, like my not-so beautiful attempt at a handstand against the wall. I’ve been doing yoga now for a few months, and I did barre for a few years, so some flexibility I have. However, I also have fear of falling on my face, breaking something like a wrist or my neck, and all these fears flood my mind and make me apprehensive to try. Breaking free from those fears is a goal so I can move forward. And even though I’m obviously not a gymnast, I’m not quite ready to put the handstand goal to rest yet. It’s good to always have attainable goals, and push yourself towards them. But if it’s something you don’t enjoy and you just do it because you think you should, then don’t. Who wants to do something that makes you miserable? Not me!

You see, what I’ve learned the past 20+ years with Lupus is to keep moving forward and doing whatever I can to keep growing, learning, and most importantly, living. Being able to lift weights makes me feel strong, as does spin, walking, yoga, even stretching on rest days. I spent too much time sick and weak that my main goal is to always feel alive. Lupus and any other disease will tear you down physically but also mentally if you allow it. Find what makes you really feel alive and make sure you incorporate it daily in your life. You’ll benefit beyond measure♦