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Air Canada

Air Canada

I’ve been to Canada briefly but it was literally a day trip, and not enough to really appreciate it. It’s somewhere I definitely need to go back to. Also, for all you South Park fans, there was an episode where everything was “blame Canada”, and every time I hear the word “Canada”, I immediately sing that song in my head. I’m a total nerd in case we hadn’t figured that fun little tidbit. I don’t know much about where to go, what to see, which places to visit in Canada, but what I do know, is that every Canadian I’ve ever met is just genuinely NICE. And that’s also their reputation, mellow, nice people. So thank you Canadians, for being so cool.

With that knowledge, it was quite expected for me that Air Canada would be staffed with the nicest people, and I must say, they delivered on that expectation. We recently flew Air Canada to Europe, and I’d flown with them once before back in 2011, and they’ve always been the same kind of cheery, providing exceptional service. The disclaimer here is that we WERE traveling in Business Class, but the counter to that disclaimer is that the service we received isn’t always the case in Business because we’ve flown some other airlines where service in Business Class was less than sub-par, so, Yay for Air Canada! I cannot say enough about the treatment received on all the flights this most recent trip.

Being attended to and chatted with, where it wasn’t a chore, but rather, it was obvious that all of the flight attendants really loved their jobs. they were having fun, they were in great moods, they were winning all around. The food was great, our comfort at an all time high, leaving us completely refreshed for our arrivals, and the movie choices were abundant. I chose to not sleep on our way to Paris because I felt like I had to watch every movie I hadn’t seen before. We had a 5 hour layover in Montreal, and I have to plug the Maple Leaf Lounge because, wow. I’m in love with Air Canada, to the point that I’m only searching for their flights for my next international trip.

The way home however, although equally wonderful, was a different story for my comfort level because I got extremely sick from the man spreading his European SARS. From Rome to Montreal, I wanted to party and have fun with mama and gush over our amazing trip with Prosecco, but my throat was glass and everything hurt. Towards the end of that first flight, I had spiked a fever, and wanted to sit in the lounge before the next flight, but we had to go through pre-customs clearance in Montreal. That is one of my 2 minor complaints, because not only did it take FOREVER to get through the line, with a fever, surrounded by children screaming and people everywhere, and the risk of missing our connecting flight, we have Global Entry and should’ve gotten through that situation in a much more efficient manner. My second complaint is that once we finally boarded the flight to LAX, we  had to wait over an hour and a half to depart because 14 people hadn’t boarded from their connecting flights. In no circumstance is it okay to wait THAT long for people who hadn’t even arrived in the airport yet. That’s when you uuuuusually hear people say, “I missed my connecting flight.” Yeah, those 14 people should’ve missed their connecting flight. 30 minutes? I’m okay with waiting. Over an hour and half? That inconveniences all of us. Not okay.

What made it somewhat okay, was that I had THE MOST STELLAR flight attendant taking care of me. His name was Louis, and he was my dream man nurse for that flight. He recognized immediately upon us boarding that I was ill, brought me cold towels for my head, bottles of water, blankets, eye masks, made me tea… and most importantly, he kept checking on me every few minutes to make sure I was doing okay, and if I needed anything else. So Air Canada, if you’re reading this, on April 7, 2017, the flight from YUL-LAX, the Business Class flight attendant Louis deserves a raise, and Louis, if you’re reading this, merci beaucoup.