Cuz it's all about balance..

About Me

Hi! I’m Katiuscia and I’m a #LupusWarrior. I’m fitness & health obsessed, but I definitely leave room for all those wonderful “treat yo-self” moments we have in life.

For those of you new to Katiuscia, let me give you just little back-story on who I am: I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis at 13. The long short of it: right after diagnosis, the Lupus attacked my kidneys and since then, I‘ve been on numerous drugs, chemotherapy and other treatments to get better. I experienced years of more mild symptoms, but I got extremely ill again in 2009, failing all drugs and treatments, even the fancy new experimental drugs. It was a very scary time for me. In 2011 I turned to fitness, praying it was the answer. Through fitness and a healthy lifestyle, faith and determination, I managed to get myself to a point where I stopped all of my medications. As of today, I’ve been almost 6 years off drugs, and am in my 5th year of Remission. Woop woop!!


My loves include writing, dogs, travel, food, fitness, life, and I put the highest value on health. My mama is my best friend, and my two #dogdaughters Daisy and Lola, are my best love bugs.. I’m a yoga, weight lifting, and spin junkie. I really embraced yoga as a part of my fitness regimen after taking a break from barre this year and I love the mind/body connection. Spin is my favorite form of cardio because it’s fun and intense! Also, because let’s be honest, cardio sucks, and rocking out to good music while pushing myself is probably the only way I’ll get it done! I enjoy lifting with different people and learning new things, it challenges my body, but also keeps me from getting too bored. I trained and competed in the Bikini division of bodybuilding in 2013. Completely out of my comfort zone, but I loved the discipline aspect, and I met some really great people during those times! For funsies, I like experimenting with food, taking recipes and making them a little cleaner. And I love LOVE baking for no reason other than to give to other people (and make my house smell good!)… sharing is caring.

For all you #LupusWarriors and #autoimmune warriors out there, you know that BALANCE and the least amount of stress possible in your life is key to managing your illness. I strive to find balance in everything I do. It’s not necessarily always the simplest thing to find, but it is crucial for me in keeping symptoms at bay, and just to stay healthy. I’ve learned over the years about certain triggers of my disease. It was trial and error to come to those realizations, but I learned to eliminate those triggers immediately, or at least I have a better grasp on assessing situations now. I will tell you, through all the years of struggle and negative effects the disease and meds had on me and my body,  I wouldn’t change any of it. My disease or my struggles do not define me, but HOW I came out of them, contributed in making me the woman I am today, and every day I keep learning.

I am definitely not perfect. I’m on a daily journey to finding overall balance and healing. I stumble at times, but always maintain my positive attitude and bigger picture vision. I just hope to inspire you to go after what it is you want in your life, truly be an advocate for yourself, find your mind-body-soul balance, eat chocolate, and really live.