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A Happy Progress Report

A Happy Progress Report

OhSNAP! I lost 3% body fat in the past month. I can’t even tell you how stoked I am about that! Since starting my own little mini-detox, I’ve tightened up my routine a lot and am on a journey to find my best, balanced self. It’s part of my mind, body, spirit journey. I feel like I’ve been on it for years, but I strayed a bit for simple reasons like life. Life has a way of putting obstacles in your way, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional. I’m trying to get through it all and enjoy the ride. 

My diet is balanced in the sense that I haven’t eliminated one specific food group. It’s higher on the protein and fat side, and lower on the carbohydrates. Everyone’s body is different and my body happens to like fats more than carbs. I follow a gluten-free, mostly dairy-free eating plan, with a piece of dark chocolate every day. I’m a creature of habit and I like eating the same things. Most people would get super bored with the same food, but I like routine and let’s face it… maybe I’m juuust a little boring. 😉

Workouts have been consistent, and I’m making sure I’m getting rest. It’s probably not enough, but I’m stubborn when it comes to listening to my body and I’m just proud I’m taking a rest day regularly. I have friends who are trainers and they share different workouts with me, so I have interesting new things to challenge me. I’m not saying I love them, but it’s always good to keep your body guessing. 

I’ve been struggling a bit with knee issues again. My left knee isn’t the best, and over the years I’ve had surgery as well as PRP therapy on this knee. But lifting heavy, mixed with yoga, probably doesn’t help the pain very much, so I’m trying to take care of that and hope I don’t make it worse. With Lupus, your disease can be inactive but your symptoms will always be there. It’s a matter of taking care and really being in tune with your body, knowing its limits and when to stop. Even after 20 years, I will always be learning with this disease. For now, I’m stoked about progress… and the lessons too I guess. 🙂